Best Products & Favourite Hairstyles of 2016!

This year has been an EVENTFUL one for humankind, to say the least. As we countdown to 2017, we look back on our small victories, favourite products & hair styles of 2016.


I started the year protective styling and ended it protective styling. If you follow us on instagram, you’ll know that most of my 2016 was spent protective styling.

During my year of protective styling, which went into full effect towards the end of the year, I wigged out!

With my hair cornrowed under a wig and washed weekly (or biweekly, because lazy), I was able to see the benefits of low manipulation on length retention.

Early in the year, I took the plunge and dyed part of my hair grey and blue. Colouring my hair definitely made me sit up about my hair care routine.

I dyed my hair twice this year and each time, I learnt that there is more that I could have done to keep my coloured hair healthier. Thanks to my colorist and the fact that most of my hair is still its original colour, I was able to compare and contrast to determine what regimen works best for my coloured hair.

This was not a big new products year for my hair. I mostly stuck with my staples that I am comfortable with and I know work for me. I did try the following new products:

  • Brazen Curls entire product line
  • Giovanni 2Chic Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-moist shampoo and conditioner
  • Olaplex
  • Aphogee 2 step protein treatment (reviewed here)

Now, I only trimmed my hair twice this year (during my colour and straightening) – not good considering my hair needed a trim more frequently than that.

I retained some length this year but because of my trial & error with care for coloured hair, my hair could be a lot healthier. Something to definitely work on in the new year!


If I’m being honest, I let my hair take the backseat and this eventually caught up with me. For a while, my hair was dry, not responding well to products, just weird. I spent most of this year with my hair in mini-twists. So much that I’ve told myself that I won’t wear mini-twists in 2017. QUOTE ME.

Still, I found some time to have fun with my hair. In March, I got a silk press that I wore for 8 days. I really loved it, although later, I discovered I had slight heat damage on a very small section of my hair at my nape. Thankfully, it’s not significant. No regrets!

Curls on Silk pressed natural hair
These curls had me feeling like VV Brown. “Baby, there’s a shark in the waterrrrrr”

I experimented with loose twists, African threading, more threading, had fun with flowers, and I even had a few pretty cool twist outs.

I actually did a bit more styling, but I wasn’t able to share pictures on the blog or Instagram, so watch out for them in the new year 😛

Star of 2016

My star of 2016 is without a doubt, the sleek low bun. I wore it on my birthday, to my sister’s graduation, two weddings and for a whole week after the weddings. The sleek bun is bae!

Sleek bun, Exhibit A
Sleek bun, exhibit B
Sleek bun on 4C Kinky Natural Hair
Sleek bun, Exhibit C

If you’d like a tutorial, holler in the comments and I’ll hurry up and edit my tutorial 🙂

I was definitely not a product junkie this year, but my favourite products of the year are:

  • Midas Naturals Brazen Curls Hair Butter (here)
  • Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Masque (here)
  • Natural Nigerian Flaxseed Twist and Curl Pudding (to be reviewed)
3 week old hair 😀 lol I think this was just a very very busy month!

One thing I’m happy I was able to do this year, is stretching my washdays. Every time I wash my hair, I lose hair (as you do) which is normal. Washing is necessary of course, but it’s still manipulation. Stretching my washdays for 2, 3 weeks was hard at first, and my scalp reacted by being super itchy after a few days. Somehow, it stopped being so ajebutter and got with the program. Did I retain length, though? That’s another story LOL this work in progress continues in 2017.

So, guys. How was 2016 for you and your hair? Let’s do a quick review in the comments? 🙂 

Talk soon!


AB & MeeMee


8 Replies to “Best Products & Favourite Hairstyles of 2016!”

  1. My hair used to be an arbitrary too! If I don’t wash weekly, it’s itch like crazy.. Like it’d itch so badly. Buy I stretch for like two months and it got used to it.. Now I wash my hair bi-monthly. I started doing this almost towards the end of 2016 though. I didn’t do lots of PS and my hair suffered badly because it was always left unprotected. I’m going to do more of PS this year… I’m already on my first 😀

    1. Your hair did well in 2016 o, despite your alleged suffering lol :p I can only imagine how much more it will flourish this year!

  2. 2016 was my 2nd full year of wearing my natural hair out all the time. Admittedly i mostly do low-manipulation/protective styles like French braids or goddess twists or low buns- please AB sleek bun tutorial to help us.

    I tried Atili oil from northern Nigeria and it was hair bae! This was also Year 2 being no-poo and I continued with my one-step clay cleansing/conditioning method using Naturalicious 5-in-1 Rhassoul Clayton Treatment which was carryover bae from 2015. I also tried a few Nigerian beauty brands like Afro Virtues and was pleased to find that we have excellent quality hair products made in Nigeria with great ingredients! I haven’t found Nigerian hair product bae yet, but in 2017, I want to keep trying so it might be a product junkie sort of year .

    I’m excited for my 5th year being natural in mid 2017. Yes I don’t have YouTube hair. I could have better length retention and less shedding and breakage but I’m so pleased 4 and a half years into my natural hair journey, I don’t regret going natural. I am not tempted to relax. I know and understand my hair better than I ever have.m so here’s to an awesome 2017 for us all, with blessings of healthy, long, fast growing hair and true crowning glories for us all!

  3. I spent the better part of the year in school which meant more protective styles. I experimented with a range of styles through the year. . My natural hair, when it was out, was mostly in puffs or cornrows. My favourite products remain sheabutter, my various oils and waterrrrr

  4. Towards the end of the year I became quite lazy with taking care of my hair. I would sleep without my silk scarf. My fave products were the Sheamoisture 10 in 1 line. Boots and Superdrug started selling Shea Moisture in England in the last year or so and I decided to try out Sheamoisture and I’ve stuck with it since then. In the last 2 months, I’ve worn my hair in twists with cornrows in the front. I’m looking to wear my hair next year in loose twists.

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