21st Birthday Party!

So I turned 21 on Sunday ^_^

It’s so exciting being 21. Now, I can be granted a Certificate of Occupancy (in other words, I can buy land in Nigeria) and I can be appointed as executor to someone’s estate. I can also now do legally everything that I’ve been doing since I was what 16? 17? Since birth? LOL

I’m grateful to God for keeping me and being with me this far.

If you’re wondering ( ._.) I had a beautiful day. Two of my cousins slept over so we went to church together.

21st birthday party

My cousin made me over before the small lunch party (which was so good) and when we got home from that, we went next door for a bit. My neighbours had a party and their parties are always great. Seeing mommies & daddies boogie down like nobody’s business is still very brand new for me. LOL. Oh. I didn’t leave the little people out. I had fun putting together little party packs for the little people in my life 🙂

When I went outside again to trash my cake boxes, I looked up and the sky was bright and beautiful- a half moon and many stars. I was able to spot Orion’s belt. Perfect end to the day.

I went to bed tired but very happy! 🙂 So thankful to my parents and all my lovely friends and family that made it happen. The tweets and the facebook messages, I felt truly special. I had the Birthday song sung to me 4 times!

My 21st Birthday Party!

I was beginning to forget what birthdays are like- It was the fact that it was the big almighty 21 that inspired me to make a little effort and plan towards the day.

Birthdays are special and definitely not overrated. If you feel otherwise, you’re probably taking yourself a little too seriously. How about we have two birthdays in a year? ^_^

21st Birthday Party




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  1. I was reading through this post and loving all your pictures and saw my name at the bottom and actually went ‘aaaaw!’ outloud. haha! Happy Birthday! 🙂 So good to have your friends and family surround you and support you on that special day!

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