25 Random Things About Mee: A Birthday Post

I’ve clocked a quarter century!!! You can’t talk to me anyhow anymore oh. Now on my grown woman shii.

Leading up to my 25th birthday, I was not as excited as I usually am about birthdays in general. It was not a sober feeling, just more gratitude than anything else. I aged a lot on the inside right before my 24th birthday and so my 24th year was spent doing a lot of adjusting to this person I had been forced to grow into and reconciling that with who I desire to be. Womanhood is such a gift and if I was not certain before, I know now that if I had to choose, I will always choose to be a woman in this skin. I love it. Like I told AB, it finally feels like I have attained a strong and stable foundation after 25 years and so now, I’m ready to build higher and higher and higher knowing that what I have at the base can take it all.

I was lucky to spend my birthday weekend in New Orleans with my roommate. NOLA has quickly become my favorite place and so now, I would like to make it there at least once a year, since I have been once every year in the last 3 years. I saw that Klassy Kinks did an instagram post with 26 things about her right before her 27th birthday. I thought that was a fun and light post. So here are 25 random things about me:

  1. I enjoy making lists and journal-ling.
  2. My middle name, Eshiarokhe, means I follow God’s will. I have taken this meaning seriously since I can remember.
  3. I get self conscious when there are too many I’s in a sentence structured by me or if I begin every sentence with an I. Like now.
  4. Don’t like to talk or write about myself too much.

5. Enjoy hearing about people’s lives from their point of view. Their journeys, desires, motivators, choices, etc. It is fascinating.

6. Love hanging out with and talking to old people.

7. One of my short stories is published in an anthology.

8. Making hair is one of my happy places.

9. Don’t like fried plantain. Yes, Nigerians, I don’t like dodo.

10. I was head girl in a girls only catholic boarding secondary school.

11. I was head girl in primary school.

12. Love when others, especially my support system, let me help them.

13. Do not wake me up when I have not previously asked you to. You will be greeted by a monster. Ask my roommate.

14. I have slept for 13 straight hours without waking up in between to pee or survey the environment.

15. I was really raised in the 50s.

16. Jazz music is bae.

17. Singing classical music in a big choir gives me an endorphin rush.

18. Used to play the violin but now struggle to get back to it.

19. My calves embarrassed me a lot when I was growing up. My mum did not buy me trousers so I only liked wearing really long skirts. Now I like the calves and will wear whatever bottoms I choose without thinking about them.

20. Once won a scholarship from an academic competition that to date, has not been given to me.

21. Once upon a time, dentistry was the dream. Now, I am a bioethicist. See me in the comments if you want to know what that is.

22. I would travel somewhere new every month if I could.

23. I am very sappy and corny. Less now than ever but still up there in percentage.

24. I’d rather be on the phone or laptop or tablet than watch TV. At ours, if my roommate is not home, then the TV stays off.

25. Many people tend to think I am older than I really am.

In writing this post, I found it a little jarring to remember all the different phases and stages of this my small life lived. All the fun stuff and all the heavy things already experiences. I really am grateful for my lot in life and I need to never take it for granted regardless of what happens every day. I strongly believe that we are put on this earth not just to achieve things for our selves but do make a difference here for others, be it people living in your time or for generations after – even if it is just for your related generation. If we were put here for ourselves, then we would live forever here, no? As I remind myself of this, I hope you are reminded of it as well.

Thank you for reading and for all your support!

I’ll love to read something(s) about you as well! Share with me.



12 Replies to “25 Random Things About Mee: A Birthday Post”

  1. Hey cuz! Yes you do seem older than you are. It must be all the wisdom. We have some things in common: I’s in a sentence – that’s my most frequent reason for “backspacing”; morning monster; would love to travel frequently; phone and laptop >>>TV
    And then we’re opposites in some things: sleeping 13 hours straight? Girl. You were really raised in the 50’s and I really belong in the far future but I’m stuck here now. I like to talk to pre-teens and young teens, but when I’m old I hope I have a Mee who likes to spend time with me.
    This was a good read. I hope you enjoy 25.

  2. Happy Birthday MeeMee. Many more prosperous years laced with peace, God’s favor and His Mercies.

    Firstly, my name is Boluwatife. Ask a Yoruba person what that means, Eshiarokhe. Lol
    I really do not like fried plantains. I enjoy conversations with old people too
    And, yes that thing abut people thinking you’re older than you actually are…I can relate.
    Please, explain what a BIOETHICIST is/does. Thank you

    Have a wonderful day, M

    1. Oh Hey namesake!! Hi 5 for fried plantain lol. You’re the first one that gets it.
      So bioethicist. It’s just been a moral and ethics “police” When it comes to medicine, healthcare, biomedical research, drug and device manufacturing and testing. So right now I work for the department that oversees research at an institution to make sure everything is going on ethically and according to regulations put in place.

  3. The great thing about the Internet is it gives you the opportunity to meet people you probably would never have met. Love this post and the pictures are really dope. Some facts about me: I used to have serious stage fright but now I can talk in front of crowds. I like plantain. I can’t imagine that you don’t Mee Mee! I’m an empath, I can feel people’s pain more deeply than others and it makes me come across as compassionate but often sensitive. Wouldn’t change me though.

  4. Happy Birthday to you, MeeMee!! You were Head Girl twice! Dat’s very awesome. Now, I’m jealous.
    One thing about me: I was never a prefect in school and I’m the last child of my parents..so leadership roles generally get me nervous.
    Great great post! Wish you many more years, building higher on your already solid foundation.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m sure you end up doing great in those positions. If you think about it, someone sees something in you that makes them want you to lead or you see something in yourself in relation to whatever project or group that makes you want to lead so either way, you are very qualified!

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