I Trimmed My Hair!

Hey guys!

How is the going going?

In February, I submitted myself for a trim. I say submitted lol because it was almost compulsory. My last proper trim before this was in 2012, when I had my re-chop. Since then, I had been very reluctant to trim my hair. I dusted my ends a few times (after chunky twisting, I cut off the very thin ends that did not compare to the rest of the twist)

So why did I finally get this trim?

I had been noticing way more single strand knots, complex knots, and splits in my hair (splits at the ends & mid-shaft splits) than usual. I was really irritated by this, and annoyed that my hair had not grown much in one year. So I finally womanned up, to get the trim. I wasn’t retaining length anyway, what did I have to lose?

After washing & deep conditioning my hair, the stylist blew it out.

Shrinkage in 4C Natural Hair: Freshly Washed v Stretched
I should straighten my hair in a few months 🙂

I don’t know if you can see how transparent my oldest ends are in this picture. You can see the towel through them, they don’t cover enough.

After this, she cut my hair along a particular shape. I had what looked like a triangular hair cut. I need to try crochet braids or get a wig in this shape. 🙂

Triangular! 🙂

Then, she took my hair section by section, for a closer trim. When she was done with each section, I had healthy blunt ends like so:

blunt section standing on top

And that’s all there was to it. 🙂


I felt happy to see my ends very even. It was only in the days that followed that I came to really appreciate my trim. I wore my hair loose, and it was easier to detangle. No splits, no knots. I didn’t realise I had been struggling all this time!

I’ve been wearing mini-twists for three weeks, and in week 3, I have observed a few tightly wound single strand knots. I will get a fresh pair of scissors, or shears and trim those strands before they cause any more problems.

I’ve resolved to make this a routine. In August (6 months post trim) I will take my Fro to a professional again, for another trim. I lost about 2 inches this time. By then, I don’t expect my ends to be so raggedy- maybe I won’t need to take out as much.

I’ll talk to you guys about trimming in more detail, soon.

When was the last time you got a trim?




33 Replies to “I Trimmed My Hair!”

  1. I’ve never had a trim and my hair is a year + with crappy ends! I’m scared but I think I’m going to man up and get it done. Lovely mane by the way

  2. Nice one, haven’t trimmed since I went natural which is about a year now. Scared of going to a salon and coming out bald. Anyways i’m going to gather muscle and do it, even if I have to do it myself.

  3. I trimmed my hair like 3weeks ago. By myself. I’d had split ends for a looooooong time but I was scared. The hair is short as is…but then I said “whatever” and did it. I think it looked better. And more even-considering I never big chopped. And it was fun:D I had to force myself to stop. Heehee.

  4. I can’t conceive the thought of a healthy hair journey without trims. Trimming makes a whole lot of difference to my hair. Less single strands knots, Easier detangling, great-looking twist/braidouts (major plus), the benefits are endless. I trim no less than 3 times a year.

  5. Great post I really like your blog (just hit the following button) looking forward to reading more of your posts! You’re more than welcome to check out my site 🙂 have a great day!

  6. Hmm..so nice..i need a trim badly bt i dnt know any natural hair salon close to Jakande estate(close to Isolo).my hair is breaking too much after i did bob marley with my hair alone.pls if yov any one close to that area?

  7. You hair in that first picture! Can’t wait to see how it looks straightened.
    I shall shamefully admit that I have never had a trim and I stay hanging on to my crappy ends

  8. Ain’t nothing like a good trim!! My last trim was at the end of January. Before that it was June. By January, I was way overdue. You’re hair is lovely <3

  9. Your hair looks so thick and healthy! Where did you get it trimmed? The last time I got a trim was about 3 months ago.. I just twisted my hair and trimmed the ends and I noticed a difference immediately.

  10. Great post once again.I have never had a proper trim.I am just too scared.I havw heard stories of pros cutting more hair than they should.I like your haircut shape

    1. Thanks Laddidi! Yes some stylists can be too scissors happy. @amekacoleman on Instagram recently had a stylist take off like 8 inches of her super long healthy hair. I like to let stylists do their thing, but I was definitely watching!

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