About Last Weekend: African Naturalistas Store Launch & More

Hey, beautiful one!

How was your week? Mine was somewhat unremarkable (that’s on me), but the weekend before it was great. I got to dress up for the first time in a while, put some hair and makeup on. My excuse? The African Naturalistas store launch, and some other business.

New Wig!

My hair of the day was this voluptuous Zoe wig from Nappy Haired Wigs. The last time I wore hair this big was NYSC Year 2014, my year of lioness crochet braids. Gosh, adulting. It was my first time wearing the wig & I was feeling myself lol so, I had to get in front of my camera for a mini photo shoot before I left the house. To get 10% off your first wig, use the code THEKINKANDI007 (yes 007 like James Bond) when you order!

Nappy Haired Wigs- Zoey
To order, Call/Text/Whatsapp +2348064227177 or message @nappyhairedwigs on Instagram.

Smart Money Woman

My first stop was the Smart Money Woman Discussion Forum organized by CercleSeven.20 Events. Girls are getting old, and girls need to think about their future. I’m not good with money. Not an onigbese o (meaning I am not in debt) but I don’t do well with saving. Living within your means is not enough, guys. Living BELOW them is the major key. I’m working on learning better money habits, changing my mindset towards money and just being more disciplined overall.

I had just finished reading Arese Ugwu’s Smart Money Woman (totally recommend!), so I was excited to go listen and learn about personal finance with other ladies. It was really good. Shoutout to Karika, below of CercleSeven.20 events, the organizer of the discussion forum. I met her at She Hive Lagos last year. You can see photos from that here, and 15 helpful career and business lessons I learnt at SheHive over here.

Blogger boo, Tuke Morgan was also there!

My smile wants to be like Tuke’s when it grows up 😂

I finally met the lovely Elizabeth, she blogs here.

African Naturalistas Brick & Mortar Store!

When the discussion forum was done, I went over to the African Naturalistas store launch. Congratulations to them for making such a bold move especially in this recession! The store is at Lush Mall, 26 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1. By calling 08091377699, you can also book an appointment now on Tuesdays and Thursdays to see Atilola, the owner & resident trichologist. A trichologist is a certified professional qualified to diagnose and treat hair diseases. Your struggle with your hair could be a real problem that needs to be treated. If nothing still changes after you’ve tried tips from your favorite blog or YouTube channel, you should definitely go see a Trichologist!

My visit to the store was also an opportunity to pick up one of my favorite products, the African Naturalistas Moisturising & Detangling Conditioner which I reviewed here, with the rest of their debut product line.

It was good to see Liz of Natural Hair Products Shop & Ebun (@ebunitehair)!

Omozo, the owner of O’Naturals salon was there too looking lovely in this simple updo of didi (inverse weaving/ inverted cornrows), twists and some twist-out bangs.

Cisca Kinks had this really pretty updo. There’s a simple tutorial of it on her Instagram HERE.

Finally finally, this is me with Atilola, the original African Naturalista number one.

Altogether, it was a good day. I hadn’t gone out in ages so I liked that I was able to do much, and see so many people.

March is such a “waka filled” month for me, with many events and things. My introvert batteries are probably going to be worn out like “please, no more!” by the end of the month BUT working on my relationships IS one of my 2017 resolutions so, let’s go there!

Save the Date!

Speaking of events, Naturals in the City is back on April 1st! Save the date!

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Have a great weekend, my love. Let me know what you have planned?




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  1. That wig is the business! You look so good. Please holla and I’ll come with you on your waka this month. I feel like I’ve lost touch with the outside world. I thought I had put the introvert life behind me but I guess not. Lol. Really, holla.

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