Wet vs Dry Twist Out with Afro Roots Styling Custard


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I’ve been trying out a new line of natural hair products from a Nigerian brand called Afro Roots Naturals. I’ll be sharing my full review soon, but as a prelude to this, let me just share how much I love the Styling Custard! I have had really good twist out results from this Custard, and I feel like they (the results) deserve a whole post on their own so today, let’s talk twist outs.

What do you think about twist outs? Do you like them? Do you achieve good results all the time? For you, what’s the definition of a bomb twist out? I love the full, voluminous yet defined curly twist outs MyNaturalSistas wear, but have yet to successfully achieve that aesthetic. What’s yours? What’s your hair’s preferred formula for a bomb twist out?

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I remember reading years ago that it is best to style for curls on wet/damp hair, because in its wet state, hair has greater curl memory and this translates to better defined curls. I don’t have the science to explain why right now, but this has simply not been my experience.

For me, Twist outs on dry, stretched hair (straightened or blown out) come out best. After this, it is Twist outs on Dry, stretched hair (that isn’t straightened or blown out. Say, hair that is a few days post-washday). Finally, my least fave- twist outs on wet/ damp hair. They aren’t the worst thing, I just prefer the results of dry styling.

Wet twist out with AfroRoots Hair Styling Custard

Wet Twist Out with AfroRoots Styling Custard
Wet Twist Out
Wet Twist Out with AfroRoots Styling Custard
Wet Twist Out

Dry twist out with AfroRoots Hair Styling Custard

Dry Twist Out with AfroRoots Styling Custard
Dry Twist Out with AfroRoots Styling Custard
Dry Twist Out with AfroRoots Styling Custard
Dry Twist Out. Better definition, in my opinion. What do you think?

Wet or Dry, there are some twist out fundamentals

Whether you like to style your twist out on wet or dry hair, some basic principles apply.

  • If definition is the goal, you want to style on detangled hair. You don’t have to use a comb, finger detangling is fine. If your hair isn’t well detangled, take down might be a struggle and this struggle results in frizz, which you are trying to minimize.
  • Twist TIGHT. Loose twists won’t give you curls. To see how to twist right for a twist out, IgboCurls has this really helpful, short video tutorial over here.
  • More twists = More definition.
  • When you are done twisting, you want your ends curled. Adding a little more product or shea butter to the end of your twist is always a plus. Then, you could twirl the end with your finger, or if you have time, roll it up on a perm rod or a skinny bendy roller (aka flexi rods)
Using perm rods to curl ends of 4C kinky hair
Twisted the ends with skinny perm rods
Curly ends for Twist Out
See how curly they turned out? 😀

Other “rules” vary from person to person. Maybe later, we could talk about the differences in styling products, and what you should be looking for in a styler? Let me know in the comments if you need help with that!

Defining my curls is one thing. Styling is another.

I’ve been natural for 5 years now, and I still haven’t mastered the Twist Out- so if you are still figuring yours out, just take your time. I love it on other people, and try as I might, I am almost always at a loss as to how to style it after I have the curls!

So far, I’ve learnt how to define my curls, and have the ends nice and curly. However, after taking out my twists, that is where my wahala begins. When I attempt to separate my curls after a twist out, the whole thing just scatters and frizzes badly!

This was me, after my last attempt to “separate” my curls. While it looked very raggedy in the front (believe me!), I LOVED how the back looked. I really did. Hopefully, one day, I’ll figure out how to style the front, so I can give them carefree fashionable black girl on the streets of Lagos!

Big Twist Out on 4C Kinky hair
After separating, Big Frizzy Twist Out! If only the front was this cute!

All photos in this post are of my wet and dry twist outs with the Afro Roots Styling Custard. I’ll do a proper review of the product alongside the others in the line (really soon), but till then, just know I like it, and this is how it worked out for me. You can purchase it online here.

In the meantime, I want to hear from you. How do you like your twist outs? What do you think of the twist outs in this post? Which do you prefer? Feel free to rate my twist out game, haha, no holding back!

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5 Replies to “Wet vs Dry Twist Out with Afro Roots Styling Custard”

  1. Same. I can rock a twist out only if I unravel and leave them like that, which means less volume. Any attempt to separate and it’s frizz city. I like big hair so proper twist outs are rare for me. Maybe one day I’ll sit in front of a type 4 YouTuber and follow along.
    Your definition before the separation is bomb. As for the after, don’t worry we’re many 😄
    Many updo’s were inspired by failed separation of twist outs

  2. Dry twists and dry twist outs are the best… I saw the light only about a month ago. Before then I always did my twists wet. I tried dry twists for the first time (with no products) and it was beautiful. The definition. Everything. And when I did twist outs about a week later, it was very well defined.

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