Arami : Simple Beauty, Good For You

Arami EssentialsArami is a natural hair & skin care brand that I am proud to say is Nigerian!

Founded in 2016, Arami was one of our vendors at the last Naturals in the City meet-up in December. I got their Glow Oil (which I love) and currently use on my whole body (except my face!).

Arami is simple Yoruba for “my body”. I think you’d love the brand’s simple, clean minimalist aesthetic.

To properly introduce you to the brand, I got to have a little chit chat over the interwebs with the lady behind the brand, about the brand. I hope you enjoy it!

What inspired you to start your own line of natural skincare products?

Arami was created to provide natural skin and hair care for women who want a simple, fuss-free routine. Our company was founded on two beliefs -your skin & hair don’t need complex products to thrive and natural ingredients are better than any kind of chemical.

Nigeria is home to a lot of raw ingredients used in skin and hair care products around the world. One of the key priorities of our business is to boost awareness around locally sourced ingredients such as Shea Butter and African Black Soap.

Arami Essentials Genesis Collection

What’s your favorite Arami product? What skin types/ problems would you specially recommend each product? 

My favourite Arami products are the Glow Oil & Onyx Body Polish and are coincidentally our best sellers.

Our Glow Oil is raw shea nut oil (not liquified shea butter, very different!) and you get all the benefits of shea butter but through a nice lightweight consistency. My straight out of the shower skin loves it! Our Onyx Body Polish is a black soap blend including honey, lemon and rose water…  I particularly love the fact that it lathers so much, the smell is perfect and it is non-drying unlike your typical dudu-osun.

Both of these products can also be used on your hair; I have natural hair. The Onyx Body Polish is great for clarifying, really gets rid of any build up and I use the Glow Oil straight after washing to lock in the moisture.

Mmmhmm! Double barrel products! We love products we can use for more than one purpose!!

What is your beauty philosophy?

Beauty doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Share the one trick that has been the greatest game changer in your hair or skin regimen?

Once I spot a spot trying to push through -steam my face and tea tree oil right before sleeping. By the time I wake up its like it never existed!

Your skin is great! Is it genetic? 3 tips for healthy, glowing skin?

Thank you! Yes there is some genetics involved however there are 3 things I swear by -water, sleep & no foundation unless it’s a party!

The next question is: How do you get your Arami?

Visit the website:
Call or Text: 08167517880
Follow on Instagram: @aramiessentials

Arami Giveaway anyone?

Sorry! You already missed it! In February, we gave away 1 Onyx Body Polish and 1 Glow Oil in collaboration with Arami. Giveaways like this are exclusive to our newsletter subscribers! Sign up here so you don’t miss the next one! And if you’re already subscribed, open our emails naw! :p

If you’re a skeptic of the #BuyNigerian movement, I believe the hair & beauty industry is a great place to start. So many  brands for you to discover like Arami, and we will be sharing more of them with you as we go on.

If you are a small business and you would like the opportunity to share your magic with us, just email:

P.S. We only share brands we actually like/enjoy!

Have a great week, beautiful!!


6 Replies to “Arami : Simple Beauty, Good For You”

  1. Hi Ekene,

    I’m loving this new wave of #MadeinNigeria, the air is thick with the spirit of entrepreneurship, it’s a wonderful thing.

    I remember seeing the Arami stand at the last NITC, I love the sleek packaging. 🙂

    1. Hey, I got the Glow Oil (Sweet Oud) for 2500. I can’t remember how much the others cost but they should be close enough 🙂

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