Is Water Only Hair Washing For You?

Source: Minimalist Beauty. These curls follow a Water Only regimen.

Girl, that’s what I said.

A hair regimen that needs Water ONLY. As in, water only.

I first heard about the Water Only Washing method two years ago, and I was skeptical. Like how? Isn’t that just rinsing? What about hygral fatigue? Won’t this mean more breakage? More tangles? Haba now. Be serious.

But you know what they say. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. I haven’t tried Water Only Washing yet, but I eventually got over my shock and researched it. And surprise, surprise, it does make sense!

I’ve watched videos, read blogs, and threads in forums. I’ve also spoken to the two people I know that have tried, and actually like this method: Our Hairspiration, Glory  and Stacey (of Yoga With Stacey)Read More