We Are Celebrating! + A Giveaway For You

In 2011, AB put up the first post on this here blog and she creatively titled it “First Post”. Give AB that type of blog post title today and she will roll her eyes to the back of her head and proceed to give you a list of 10 better titles in their order of SEO importance and clickability. This is the result of almost 6 years of writing, capturing images, sharing opinions, information, fact, curating content, etc.Read More

¿Donde Son?: My Trip to Colombia

Colombia is one of those places with a somewhat negative public perception. You all saw Narcos, innit (I’m yet to get on that). In the months leading up to my trip, there nearly wasn’t a raised eyebrow each time I mentioned that I was headed to Escobar’s Colombia. Some thought it was a joke. But I really was headed that way and I really did go and guess what, I really did have an amazing time. One of those trips that will be listed next to ‘Unforgettable’ in my dictionary.Read More

SheaMoisture For Problem Skin? Let’s Find Out!

Hello lovely, how have you been?

Adult acne has been a challenge for me in the last few years. Some days are better than others, but it has been a while since my face was without blemish and in this economy, going to see an aesthetician stays being pushed to the bottom of my list of things to do with money. Apart from drinking lots of water (as I always have) and trying to eat cleaner, I’ve been on this long journey of trial and error with drugstore products with not much success.Read More