Capital Naturals Recap!

Happy Sunday, everyone! The weekend is almost over, how is yours going? Saturday was pretty awesome for me, I’m about to tell you one of the reasons why.

So yesterday was the first ever Natural hair meet-up in Abuja, the ‘Capital Naturals’ meet-up at the Casalinda Hotel in Maitama. It was brought to us by these three nice naturalistas- Natmane, Natural Nigerian and Bibi Naturals. I quite liked the venue. It was a nice cosy place, with a warm, very intimate feel. I don’t like crowded spaces, and I’ve never been a fan of big big spaces- so it was just right for me.

Good vibes were radiating all around- there were over thirty naturalistas there (present and future), some rocking their hair in different ways (too bad I didn’t take photos), some guys even came out with their women which I thought was really cute.


I was actually late >_< The time stated on the flyer was 1330-1730, but I wasn’t sure if 1:30 was really going to be 1:30, or 1:30 African time, my bad. By the time I was ready to head out, my cab guy took almost an hour to get here! Bwari is like 40 minutes away from main Abuja town, so by the time I got there I was really late! I got there at about 3, and I regretted being late as soon as I walked in.


I didn’t miss everything. I caught the last 5 minutes of Bibi Naturals’ presentation. Natural Nigerian had already done her thing before that, so I probably missed some really good stuff! (‘probably’ is me trying to make myself feel better) Then there was an interactive Q & A session; we asked, they answered.

After this session, we listened to NatMane tell us about Natural hair products that can be easily found around us. Like really there are quite a lot of things grown or you could grow, things used in our culture, for us to work with. Her hair is so full and long! Loved her twist-out! You could find out what I learnt in the next post, I didn’t want this to be too long.


There were two giveaways (I didn’t know the answers to the questions cos I missed the first two presentations, shame) and there was also a raffle at the Kinky Apothecary stand! Lumo Naturals, Bibi Naturals and Natural Nigerian also had their stands. I got me some very yummy cocoa butter, tea tree Essential oil and an Aloe + Coconut Clay Bar. Did I mention that there were free coconut oil samples for everyone? 😀


It was a wonderful afternoon. I learnt a lot. I am shy, but I actually got to speak with some cool people. Baby steps to networking and ting. My only regret is not getting there early enough. There’s going to be another event in the first quarter of next year, so no excuses, better planning, I’m going to be there, God keeping me. 🙂

And I’ll be early too. Oh yes.

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