Win a Natural Hair Phone Case From Casenotes!

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Every time I surf the net, I see all these obodo oyinbo advertising and flaunting natural hair inspired merchandise. I always wanted one, especially the phone cases seeing as I’m a sucker for them. None have ever crossed my path as I’m in Nigeria so I thought, if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain… So. I, @case_notes_ teamed up with the awesome illustrator @Urboidave_o.

Now ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Casenotes Natural Hair Phone Case Series. 

5 prints are available for immediate pickup for iPhones 5/5S, 6/6S, 6Plus/ 6S Plus and Samsung S4, S5, S6 and S6 Edge.

Introducing the ladies…


Denike Natural Hair Phone Case From Casenotes

2. Tosin

Don’t be deceived by the seemingly laid back style TOSIN sports. She’s full of life; defined by vibrancy. She might like things a little simpler but she’s far from boring.  I particularly love TOSIN because of the simplicity in her hairstyle with a background burst of colours. If I identified with any of these , it’d be TOSIN.

Tosin Natural Hair Phone Case From Casenotes

3. Chidalu

All hail the bombshell Afro queen! A sizable number of us strive for the type of Afro that will set tongues wagging. CHIDALU represents this. Big ass Afro with a damn beautiful face. The bright yellow background tells that this queen will never take no for an answer. Daring and proud, CHIDALU will rock her Afro in its natural state with absolutely no hoots given!

Chidalu Natural Hair Phone Case From Casenotes

 4. Tasalah

Raise your hand if you don’t love a bomb twist out…. Ah ha! Thought so. Perfect twist out with a color twist, Miss T is serving life!  If you’re a fan of twist outs and you’re looking for inspiration, look no further… Lol. In this collective struggle of finding the perfect twist out method/products, let TASALAH help you keep your eyes on the goal…

Tasalah Natural Hair Phone Case From Casenotes

5. Boki

You can just tell she loves to have fun! Boki sports a red braided faux hawk. Pretty sure every non-conventional naturalista has attempted the faux hawk at some point. Boki clearly loves hers!

Boki Natural Hair Phone Case From Casenotes

Where to Buy


> Lumo Naturals (Instagram: @LumoNaturals)

Suite F101, Concepts Plaza, beside Emirates Hotel, 5th Avenue Gwarimpa Abuja. 08094823173


> @Kinkyparadiseng

> @Beautifully Nappy


>  @case_notes_ 

Online Stores, Nationwide Delivery.

Afri Beauty Hub


Did I mention these cases are exclusive? That is, you won’t find them anywhere else in the WHOLE WORLD!

They’re pretty affordable as well.

To get the ball rolling we’ll be giving out 2 phone cases!

If you’d like to win one of these cases, just click on the link below!

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Case Notes

24 Replies to “Win a Natural Hair Phone Case From Casenotes!”

  1. I would love to win the ‘Chidalu’ phone case because of the ‘fro. I mean look at all that hairrrrr. I use a Samsung galaxy J7 and i live in Ibadan.

  2. Hey KinkandI,

    I’d love to win a Tosin, Although my ‘Fro isn’t that big, she of them all is the simplest. There’s more to her than meets the eye, just like me, might look plain but are from from being a bore.

    I own an iPhone 5 and it will be totally cool to have Tosin hold my phone in her hands. I’m sure she will understand.

    Lots of love…

  3. Heey. I love Tasalah because her twist out looks exactly like my mum’s. With Tasalah, I think she’ll be the inspiration for my hair to growwww . I have an S4.

  4. Hei KinkandI,
    It’s been silent on here for awhile. How about the phone cases? Who won and who didn’t……hmmm me I must win my CHIDALU o…. I reside in Lagos.
    And oh yh pls can u post up all dem step by step hair styling tutorials? Pleeeeeeeez.

  5. Hey KinkandI! I’d absolutely love to win the “Chidalu” phone case, because there’s nothing I love more than to wear my afro in its natural state. Albeit,not as long as hers (counting the days earnestly till my length is so). Oh, plus she’s my cousins’ namey! 😀 I use a Samsung Galaxy J7, and I stay in PortHarcourt.. Xx

  6. Hi.. I would love the Chidalu case it’s really so outstanding on its own at first sight and it’s a big thumbs up for ladies who can keep a fro that big and full because it’s really such a beauty and my personality can be associated with hers also plus did I mention I love big hair..Trust me, the bigger the more fun. I have an IPhone 5s and reside in Lagos, Delivery for Ikoyi. Thank you 🙋🏽

  7. Hi.. I would love the Chidalu case it’s really so outstanding on its own at first sight and my personality can be associated with hers plus I love big hair..Trust me, the bigger the more fun. I have an IPhone 5s and reside in Lagos, Delivery for Ikoyi. Thank you 🙋🏽

  8. I like Denike to win because she’s totally my kind of Person and that’s the Hairstyle I intend rocking..She will be perfect for my IPhone 5

  9. Hi kinkandi
    I would love to win Chidalu cos she has got this I don’t care bitchy sort of attitude and that is so me.
    Give me Chidalu pleaseeeee.
    I use a samsung ASeries phone.

  10. Hi kinkandi
    I would love to win Chidalu because she’ s got this I DON’T CARE bitchy sort of attitude and that is so me.
    Give me Chidalu pleaseeee. I use a smsung ASeries phone.

  11. Chidalu, beacuse she has attitude. I use an iphone 6 plus . now i know there are not many cases for iphone 6 pluses so … anyway,i live in Lagos too. 🙂

  12. Hi!!
    I’m so excited by this and all that it stands for. Finally got black girls and their beautiful hair on our phone cases. It’s a dream come true.
    I absolutely love Denike’s TWA! It’s fierce and takes me back to the days I was rocking one. I’m loving my length now but with the versatility of natural hair, all I have to do is wash, deep condition, moisturize and rake some gel in my hair before I rock a faux TWA of my own. Shrinkage is so real!
    Tosin also gets me feeling some type of way and I love to rock my hair in puffs from time to time. Plus that background is bomb!
    I’m currently using an Iphone 6S and I’m located in Lusaka, Zambia. Hope that’s not too far out?
    Lots of love!

  13. Hi mee mee and ab. I’d love to win a “chidalu” phone case for my samsung s6 edge from case notes because I think she loOKs fierce. From her hair which has a mind of it’s own standing wild and proud, to the red pout of her lips who says she’s not a woman to be messed with. I know for a fact there are days I would flip my phone around to look at that picture and go “yasssss gurlll!! Werk it!! Don’t let em tell you different ” I’m in Lagos. I would love to win this. Xoxo

  14. Hello KinkandI / Casenotes
    CHIDALU phone case for the win!!!😬
    It’s all in the ‘fro! The way she’s strutting and slaying you’ll know she’s got this.
    I would like win this phone pouch because I love rocking a ‘fro and CHIDALU is rocking her’s so effortlessly. I achieve my ‘fro from a twist out either 2 strands or 3 and a Bantu knots out. Although my hair isn’t as full as CHIDALU’s but having a phone pouch like that is great motivation for me each time I’m rocking a ‘fro.
    I would like a CHIDALU phone case for an iPhone 6 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee🐶🐶

  15. i would like to win tasalah for an iphone 5s, love her bomb twistouts and her eyeliner wing is penggg. Tasalah is me on every other day i’m not on a protective style.

  16. Hello KinkandI
    I would love to win Miss T! I can’t help but love Tasalah ! She exudes freshness and beauty wearing her twist outs. I can’t wait for my hair to be as long and full as hers, but then I am inspired to colour my hair just like she has done. Who gets tired of wearing twist outs by the way? Tasalah is my inspiration and i would love to look at everyday on my iPhone 6. Thank you!

  17. Hi KinkandI
    Hmmm this is really beautiful and CHIDALU is slaying.
    The big ‘fro. Her facial expression tells you she knows her stuff and means business….permit me to say I see me in her….serious, no nonsense, but very loving when you get to know her *winks*. And she’s got her hand in her hair like ” I’m the boss of me…screw you if you’ve got a problem with my big hair”. I’m loving her the more I scroll up to look at her….*smiles**. Oh and then the way those colors (yellow, red and blue) were used……wow
    I would like to win a CHIDALU for an S6 Edge puh-leeeeeeez

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