Why It Took Me Two Years to Go Natural

Natural Hair- 4C Afro

Four years ago, I went natural in May, 2012. Wow. That long? It wasn’t a spur on the moment thing. It took me two years to go natural! Why? Because I had skewed misconceptions in my head, probably the same as you have right now, or the ones you had.

Since then, I’ve been on my natural hair journey with its ups and downs. I meet people who tell me they love my hair and would love to be natural but absolutely cannot try it for themselves for one reason or another. I tell them that they’re wrong but I don’t push it because, it’s a process. When you’re ready, you’re ready.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and on this particular journey, I believe the first step has to be taken in your mind, truly saying “YES” in your heart, deciding to start.

So. What are/were your fears about going natural? I want you to tell me, so I’ll share mine.

It took me 2 years to go natural because I thought: Continue reading “Why It Took Me Two Years to Go Natural”

Just Because I Have Natural Hair Doesn’t Mean That I Am…

Beautiful young women- Curlfriends
Source: Natural Nigerian

Hey guys,

Today I’d like us to talk about natural hair stereotypes. How do you feel about them?

Weeks ago, I asked my twitter fam what comes to mind when they see a girl with natural hair. The responses were quite interesting. Here’s what I got.

Interesting, Bohemian, Potential Freak. Beautiful. Afrocentric & Artistic. A free spirit. Would love great music. Would love art and probably has some unconventional job. An outside the box person. High maintenance; spends a lot of money on hair styling and products. Interesting, Artsy, Woke. Feminist and Opinionated. Funky and artistic. Daring. Really strong, a little aggressive, won’t take your shit. Cool, Different. Expected to be her own person.

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This Lazy Natural’s Confessions

Hello people!

Before I go into today’s post, I’d like to apologise. On this blog, we try hard to keep things simple, to show that this natural thing isn’t as hard to do as people think it is but sometimes I do a lot. So, if I have ever made you feel discouraged like natural hair is super high maintenance, I’m really sorry. I like to play with my hair, but as I’ve said time and again, I know my hair doesn’t NEED all that attention. 4C hair actually prefers to be left alone.


Pamper your hair when you can, as often as you can, but your hair won’t leave you if you don’t have time to baby it. I’ve been a very lazy natural lately. This is quite interesting for me because I am (or I used to be) a major planner. Lists for days. Shopping planned wayyyyy in advance. Between the end of last year and the start of this one, I amassed a great haul that saw me through most of 2015. I don’t have as much free time as I used to, so I have had to prioritise. If I’m stressed during the week, the last thing I want to spend my weekend doing is installing mini twists, or even washing my hair. And it’s nothing to feel bad about. Continue reading “This Lazy Natural’s Confessions”