5 Vital Signs That Your Hair Needs a Trim

5 signs that you need to trim your hair

5 signs that you need to trim your hair

In trying to grow our hair long, healthy and strong, one thing natural and relaxed girls share in common, is that many of us neglect, avoid, even feel faint at the idea of trimming our hair! Scissors happy girls must have something else going on because the rest of us? 

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Jk, jk! In the last 2 years, I have come to accept that trimming one’s ends is simply non-negotiable. I’m not going to give you a specific timeframe within which you MUST trim. I have committed to EXAMINING my hair every 3 months for a trim. Maybe I’ll get one. Maybe I’ll trim 2 inches or just ½. It depends on where my hair is at the time.

So, how do you know if your hair is at the point where you should trim? Here are 5 vital signs! Continue reading “5 Vital Signs That Your Hair Needs a Trim”

Has Your Hair Reached Its Terminal Length?

is your hair at its terminal length

is your hair at its terminal length

Short answer: NO.

‘Terminal Length’ is a concept I did not understand until very recently. When I started growing my hair out in uni, it started breaking when it reached a comfortable shoulder length. Just a little below the shoulder. Then, I was relaxed. I went natural and it was all good in the first 2 years, but since my hair reached that below the shoulder length again sometime before my 2nd natural hair anniversary, it appears to have stopped growing. Has it really though?  Continue reading “Has Your Hair Reached Its Terminal Length?”

Is Water Only Hair Washing For You?

Source: Minimalist Beauty. These curls follow a Water Only regimen.

Girl, that’s what I said.

A hair regimen that needs Water ONLY. As in, water only.

I first heard about the Water Only Washing method two years ago, and I was skeptical. Like how? Isn’t that just rinsing? What about hygral fatigue? Won’t this mean more breakage? More tangles? Haba now. Be serious.

But you know what they say. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. I haven’t tried Water Only Washing yet, but I eventually got over my shock and researched it. And surprise, surprise, it does make sense!

I’ve watched videos, read blogs, and threads in forums. I’ve also spoken to the two people I know that have tried, and actually like this method: Our Hairspiration, Glory  and Stacey (of Yoga With Stacey) Continue reading “Is Water Only Hair Washing For You?”

27 Hair Tips From Celebrity Natural Hair Stylist, Felicia Leatherwood!

Natural hair whisperer and stylist to the stars, Felicia Leatherwood taught a workshop at the Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show on Saturday. It was SO good, your girl took notesssss.

Some of the things she said were new to me, there were some I already knew- all important, and in this post I share with you 27 (twenty-seven!) of them:

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Continue reading “27 Hair Tips From Celebrity Natural Hair Stylist, Felicia Leatherwood!”