How to Care for Your Hands as You Style Hair

Where are my hair stylists and DIY stylists?! Get in here! I appreciate and admire you all for constantly blessing us with amazing, flawless, creative styles. Which is why I have to say what I am about to say. Sis, did you know that just as you take care of your and other people’s hair, you have to take care of those hands as well?

Those hands, especially the muscles, nerves, and bones that make it up are doing a lot of work, and depending on how often and how much time you spend twisting, or weaving, or crocheting, or blowdrying, or even sewing down wefts, you need to have the ‘C’ word at the back of your mind. I am talking about Carpal Tunnel today. Continue reading “How to Care for Your Hands as You Style Hair”