The Big 2-5!

25th Birthday Photoshoot- The Kink and I

About 3 weeks ago, I turned 25. The big 2-5! If you hear one particular person tell it, you would think I didn’t let anybody hear word about my birthday lol but that is SO not true!

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¿Donde Son?: My Trip to Colombia

Colombia is one of those places with a somewhat negative public perception. You all saw Narcos, innit (I’m yet to get on that). In the months leading up to my trip, there nearly wasn’t a raised eyebrow each time I mentioned that I was headed to Escobar’s Colombia. Some thought it was a joke. But I really was headed that way and I really did go and guess what, I really did have an amazing time. One of those trips that will be listed next to ‘Unforgettable’ in my dictionary.Read More

How to Make New Year Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep!

Start on January 1

New year resolutions get a bad rap and I, AB, believe this is unfair. Sure, you do not have to wait till January 1 to make changes in your life, but I find great comfort in a clean slate- be it a new year, a new quarter, month, week, heck, every new morning!

In defence of new year resolutions, many of us fail at keeping to our resolutions because we have been going about them wrong. I say this without judgment because I used to be confused about the process myself & now that I’m better at it, how about I try to help you? 🙂

So. Let’s do this by looking at common mistakes we make when making New Year resolutions, and helpful alternatives. Got it? Got it. Okay, let’s go!

5 Reasons Why Making New Year Resolutions Sucks ( For You) Click To Tweet

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