¿Donde Son?: My Trip to Colombia

Colombia is one of those places with a somewhat negative public perception. You all saw Narcos, innit (I’m yet to get on that). In the months leading up to my trip, there nearly wasn’t a raised eyebrow each time I mentioned that I was headed to Escobar’s Colombia. Some thought it was a joke. But I really was headed that way and I really did go and guess what, I really did have an amazing time. One of those trips that will be listed next to ‘Unforgettable’ in my dictionary. Continue reading “¿Donde Son?: My Trip to Colombia”

Travel to Barbados for Less than $1000

Proper coconut water
Toyin & MeeMee

Hello Beauts!

If you follow The Kink and I on Snapchat you know MeeMee recently enjoyed 7 wonderful days in Barbados. It was fun, so fun! Have you seen her list of 10 Things You Must Do in Barbados ?

Crazy part is MeeMee and I did it for less than $1,000 pere. You think I’m kidding? I am about to school you on how you can do the same, so grab a cuppa, a pen and notepad and let’s get started! Continue reading “Travel to Barbados for Less than $1000”

10 Things You Must Do in Barbados!


In November, AB introduced me to SecretFlying and showed me that I could go to Barbados for a sweet deal. I thought long and hard about it for all of one minute and hit that button! When I bought the ticket, I was not sure that I would have travel companions. It didn’t matter. The price was good, the location had been on my mind for along while, and hey, it was travel!

The week before we left, I started to feel a tad guilty. I had just returned, in January, from a two-week long vacation from work. I was leaving again for a week. But wise counsel let me know that a time will come in my career and personal life when I will not be able to just up and go as I please. When that time comes, it would be nice to have these memories and satisfaction of “been there, done that, loved it”.

I went there, and loved every minute of it. Actually, I was sad to leave. Sniff. So here goes, 10 things you should totally do in Barbados when you visit 🙂

Continue reading “10 Things You Must Do in Barbados!”