Super Easy: How to Rock a Chunky Twist-Out

Chunky twist out on 4C Natural hairSometimes, things don’t go as you plan, but this does not mean that they won’t work out. Though not as you planned, not as imagined, the end result can still be good, or even better. This was the case with me and this unplanned chunky twist-out.

Two Saturdays ago, I was in Ibadan for the ‘Hair Meets Fashion’ natural hair meet-up organized by House of Naturals. The plan was to wear a super defined twist out. I was so sure it was going to be awesome & perfectly defined. I had taken the time to stretch my hair, and then I twisted it with my styler, the Flaxseed Twist and Curl Pudding from Natural Nigerian. Get to know this stuff, guys. I’ll do a proper review, but in short, I recommend it. So. I wore the twists for four days before loosening them for my twist-out just before going into the meet-up venue.

How the Chunky Twist-Out Happened

In all my planning, I did not check the weather forecast. Anyway, nothing spoil. I saved the hair for last, after getting dressed and doing my makeup. I carefully loosened the twists, oiling my fingers first of course, to avoid frizz.

After loosening the twists, I noticed they were a bit… heavy? I don’t know the word to use, but instinctively, I just knew that separating them would not be a good idea. I was right. Almost instantly, I noticed my hair was swelling, poofing up a bit. So, I just gave each section a tug. Like I pulled at the ends, and tweaked the placement, to give my hair some shape.

My hair at the back is as long as the hair in the middle, so this doesn’t always look good, in terms of shape. So, I did what I usually do (even when I’m wearing my hair in mini twists), I tucked the back up, and held with a bobby pin.

I really wish I had step-by-step photos for you guys, but I travelled alone, so I had nobody to assist with the photographs while I got ready. Plus, I was trying to be out on time- and remember, this twist out did not happen the way I planned.

Styling idea for kinky natural hair: Chunky Twist-Out

Chunky twist out on 4C Natural hair

I really loved the very kinky, very textured, “deliberate” outcome and I’ll definitely be trying this style again, on purpose.

Chunky twist-out on natural hair

Quick recap: How to recreate this Chunky Twist-Out

1. Twist your hair with your favourite twisting product. I prefer to twist dry, and my fave product at the mo is Natural Nigerian’s pudding. Because this is a chunky twist-out, you don’t want your twists to be too small. I had about 20-23. This would depend on your hair length and density.

2. Oil your fingers

3. Loosen your twists carefully

4. Hold each section at the ends, and give it a tug. You aren’t separating, just pulling to elongate, somewhat.

5. Let humidity do its thing, and watch your hair swell. If your environment isn’t humid, I think a diffuser or a Q-Redew should help.

6. Arrange into desired shape, and go.

I hope this makes sense. Let me know if it doesn’t, and I’ll add a step-by-step video or pictorial to my to-do list 🙂

Look closely at the ends, see how curly they are. Without humidity, I KNOW this twist out would have been super defined.

Curl definition from a Chunky twist-out

The chunky twist out was the perfect accessory to complete my outfit for the day. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

One way to style an off shoulder top with a midi skirt
Obvs, posing isn’t one of my many talents lol
Another way to style an off-shoulder top,
Random fact. I wore this ankara skirt to the first hair meet-up I helped organize 🙂 Naturals in Paradise, Calabar, 2014. I really love it.

Kudos to the House of Naturals team for organizing a successful meet-up! I’m really happy I made it. My camera battery wasn’t charged- welp, so I couldn’t take enough photos for a recap post. Oh, well. @ally_photography (on Instagram) helped me take the ones in this post 🙂 If you’re in Ibadan, and you need a photographer, you should check him out!

Okay, guys. Are you a fan of the chunky twist out? Would you try it? What are your own tips for achieving this look, if it’s already one of your staple styles? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Have a great week, no matter what curve balls get thrown your way!

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13 Replies to “Super Easy: How to Rock a Chunky Twist-Out”

  1. I like your hair, looks perfect to me irrespective of humidity and the rest.. Nice outfit simple and chic .I should try this hair style, just that my length short so I am waiting on it. . Do check out a guest post on my blog #fauxlocs Thank you

  2. Lovely!! It turned out pretty nice! Lovely outfit too! Did you ever try out that SM curl enhancing smoothie/almond oil /kinky curly knot today combo I told you about?😀

    1. Thanks Ada! I haven’t been wearing my hair out a lot, been doing more of protective styling. I was gifted samples of the Curl Enhancing Smoothie, so I will be trying your combo sometime 🙂

  3. Awwwn..your hair turned out great. I like ur outfit too, especially your heels!! I want!! Despite the lack of pictures, I think you should still tell us how the Naturals meet up in Ibadan went. You have a way with words, and you explained the chunky twist out crystal clear.

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