9 Braiding Patterns for Crochet Braids


Crochet braids are here to stay, it seems. Back in September 2015, I wrote this post about the revolution of the crochet braids and many of you thought that this was not just some fad that would fade away. Well it appears that it’s popularity is still on the rise in May 2016.

Just as the foundation of anything is a very important part in determining the finished product, the braiding pattern is very important for crochet braids. Seeing as I have become somewhat of an expert in crochet braids (this is all most of my clients are asking for), I can say with certainty that the braiding pattern depends on what the finished product is expected to look like and how the client hopes to style the hair.

With crochet braids, one (and probably the only) critique is the lack of versatility. Somewhat. I don’t agree entirely though. This is where braiding pattern comes in. Except a client is dead set on what parts and styling options they vision for their hair, I like to give multiple parts and keep the options open for styling. Here are braiding patterns for crochet braids that you can show your stylist or do for yourself if you are a DIY kinda girl (or guy).

1. Jumbo Twists and Jumbo Braids


Jumbo refers to big extensions, like Havana Mambo Twist extensions. This is my go-to for or any jumbo curl pattern. This client wanted one side part and one center part.

2 & 3. Ponytail Styling

braiding-pattern-for-crochet-braids- ponytail

This, I do to give the option for pony tail styling. This is best for braids or twists. I would not advise for straight or curly hair.


This is the side-view for a pony-tail style.

4. Vixen Crochet Braidsbraiding-pattern-for-crochet-braids

The hair is sectioned into four parts. Each part is treated as a full head of hair on its own. So some hair is sectioned off (which will not be crocheted). The rest of it is braided in a circular pattern.

5. Micro Method braiding-pattern-for-crochet-braidsbraiding-pattern-for-crochet-braids

The braids are smaller for this style. This one was used for straight hair and for a fuller, believable look.

6. Straight extensions; do you want a bob or some bangs?braiding-pattern-for-crochet-braids

This one was also used for straight hair – albeit thicker strands, hence the thicker cornrows. The end result was a swoop bang which could only have been possible if the hair part and front of the hair was braided as shown.

7, 8 & 9. Basic Pattern for Most Stylesbraiding-pattern-for-crochet-braids

Basic braiding style that can be used for any type of crochet braids.

A different way of creating parts for. These parts are concentrated in the middle.


This can be used for any style of crochet braids, especially where you have own hair left out around the perimeter and at the part.

There you have it, beauts. I think crochet braids are so much fun and the varying braiding patterns makes it even more fun for me to make. 

P.S.: If you are in the NYC area, I can hook you up with crochet braids and twists. See here for my availability and booking information!

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  1. my edges are really not making me happy..and my natural hair is going to be one year by June. ..but the growth pace is not encouraging …even though I know it’s growing..cos the last time I tried to pack it up..It did pack..but the moment I washed it,it shrank. .It wasn’t packing again…Please is there something I’m not getting right..how did yours come to that length and then recommend for my edges too. .pls. .Thanks. .

    1. Hi Ursula!!!
      Naturally curly hair shrinks, that’s what our hair does!
      Shrinkage shows your hair is healthy, elastic, still curly/coily so don’t worry about it really.
      Stretching your hair till it’s dry helps: by Threading, Twisting, Banding, Braiding.

      Actually, this Saturday May 28, we will be teaching this and more in The Good Hair Webinar, an online class to be streamed live!
      Sign up here, and you won’t regret it xx

      About your edges, what’s up? Tell us what happened at hello at thekinkandi dot com so we could talk some more 🙂

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