I’m Wearing Two Strand Twists


Two strand twists- Natural 4C hair- Protective style

Two Strand Twists on 4C Natural Hair- Protective Styles

Twists done by me. ^_^Photos were taken of Day 3 hair. Today is Day 11 of rocking these two-strand twists that I made, and though a great frizz is upon me now (ugh I hate this!) I still feel pretty good about the work of my hands. It took me about a whole day to get these done (11am till 8:30pm) I’m not fast + I was watching The Wire + I had to take breaks to eat and stretch. My fingers hurt so bad!

I did these twists on dry moisturised hair, stretched nicely with Threading. I loosened the thread one section after another, twisted the hair in that section, and moved on to the next. I think I should have about 200 twists on my head. I parted little sections for the twists with my fingers.

I barely did any combing. I combed one or two threaded sections after loosening the thread, but that’s about it.

I did not start twisting with a braid. I two-strand twisted from the very beginning. For each twist, I dabbed a little of Midas Naturals Whipped Shea Butter on my ends (1 or 2 inches) and that’s really all the product I used.

twisted from the beginning
twisted all the way

When twisting or braiding or threading my hair, my ends can be problematic. They just stick out. Cut them if you like, by the time it’s time to braid or twist again, you have a new set of wild ends. This time, to tame my ends, I tried something different. As I approached the end of each twist, when it became too difficult to twist all the way down (because I was working in really thin sections), I twirled the last inch around my finger. This made my ends behave. They curled up nicely and have not come undone since. πŸ™‚

well behaved ends :D
well behaved ends πŸ˜€

Maintenance: water spritz when I feel like it, smooth over after with castor oil spread between my palms. At night, I pull them back into a ponytail (big bunnytail at this length? lol) or do 5 big bantu-knot type things. I do this to discourage shrinkage.

I’m SOΒ happy I’m getting better! Practice is making perfect!! A hair journey milestone πŸ™‚

I’ll be taking them down in two days sha. My baby brother is graduating this weekend, and nope, my super frizzy twists will not be a part of the party.

Alright guys. How are you wearing your hair right now? πŸ™‚ and please share, how do you maintain your twists?




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  1. I tried the twist once last week or so. I did it myself almost all night. But I kind of looked crazy. It wasn’t nice at all and everyone said the same. Although it may be because it’s my first time. I was excited though at the thought of what I created even if I looked like a rasta.

  2. I currently have my hair in 2 big flat twists. Whenever I do single twists like yours I like it at first but once I spray with water, I hate the style immediately and have to take it down cos it shrinks to nothingness

  3. That volume! #nuffsaid
    You can unravel the frizzy twists for a fab twistout!

    I’m currently on kinky twists. I protect it with a bonnet at night (I’ve found it!), oil with Vatika and when it feels dirty clean with baby wipes. I don’t wet it daily to reduce frizz.

  4. Looking good gurl. My twists are always thin, and I hate that, so no twists without extensions for me. And I just can’t fathom sitting down for hours to do my hair myself. I just have a halo flat twist around my head now, and I refuse to touch it until the end of the week – I must protect my protective style by force!

  5. Good job! And your hair is so full, it looks like you added extensions. I’m jealous.
    I’ve been housebound for days and my hair is in about 10 very shabbily done twists.

  6. I am just super jealous of people who can do their own hair…I am currently 7 months in transition, my go to protective style is cornrows(done by a good friend lol) and wigs. I get to take care of my hair that way. nice job with the twists.

  7. waawu, its beautiful! my hair is in the in-between stage, been rocking my fro my weeks now (because i dunno what to do with it), using thread to stretch at night. braids this weekend

  8. This looks really nice! Well done!!!
    I have my hair in twists too which I did myself, but they don’t look nearly as nice as yours. I want to get Marley twists done but I’ve been super busy. Maybe this weekend.

  9. I’m on dreads, sewn to my hair, and its getting to 4weeks on. I’m not sure this is advisable since it causes hair breakage and my 2 and half inch hair really doesn’t need any more hair shortage ):. Sigh

  10. Currently in twist done by moi, buy they are much bigger. Always wear my hair in big twist cos I wash every 2 was or there about.
    Btw, can u recommend a good deep conditional.

  11. Oh my these are really nice plus your hair is quite full and long (compared to mine that is)…. I have tried this a couple of times but I always get discouraged coz it doesn’t turn out as nice… truly my hairspiration!

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