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Made in Nigeria Crochet Twists: Double-up 4 Twist hair

Hello beautiful! What have you and your hair been up to? 🙂 I’m currently protective styling with crochet twists.

My hair had been acting a little weird (more about this later) and I needed to just, put it away so I could focus on other things, and get my hair strategy together (because, sometimes, this is war!) Mini twists are my comfort zone right now, so that’s pretty much how I’ve been wearing my hair since the year began! I was on a tight budget (so broke!) and, though mini twists would cost me nothing, I felt strongly that I needed to do something different with my hair.

When You Want To Look Cute, But You’re On A Budget…

I wanted to switch up my look, but at the same time, I wasn’t sure how badly I wanted the change. You know that feeling? Like you don’t want to sit down to get braids, and then take them out 2 weeks later. I didn’t have the time. I needed a hairstyle that was: Fast, protective and not so expensive.

Crochet braids is a trend that isn’t going anywhere soon because it is so convenient (fast) and gentle on the hair. However, until recently, you could say that crochet hairstyles can be expensive. Crochet braids extensions from America come in these scanty packs, some recommending that you need 7 packs for a full head. 3500 per pack x 7 packs is 24,500 Naira and abeg, I just can’t. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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Enter, Double-Up 4 Crochet Twists!

To my great joy, I discovered this brand of crochet twists: Double-Up 4 Twist while driving by a local salon in my area.Made in Nigeria- Double-Up 4 Twist Crochet Twists

They are made here in Lagos, and cost me only 950 naira a pack. I used 3. 🙂

Made in Nigeria- Double-Up 4 Twist Crochet Twists
The website actually works!

Each pack had about 30 twists, and I measured with a tape, the twists are about 18 inches long.

Made in Nigeria- Double-Up 4 Twist Crochet Twists
18 inches… Technically.

I crocheted the hair myself, with a latch hook, but because I can’t cornrow (yet) I had to go to the salon to get the braiding pattern done.

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It was a very simple “all back” pattern, see more braiding patterns for crochet braids here. On Day 1, I was concerned that the cornrows at the back were too big, but it’s all good now. I guess they’ve flattened out.

Latch hooks are not hard to find these days (*hint hint* Noble Kinky Bulk Expressions hair is like 1500 a pack, and the ones I saw in my ‘hood come with latch hooks, one per pack) If you can’t get one, you can use an enlarged bobby pin. My Crochet Braids Picture Tutorial is still very valid. See it HERE. 

My Review

Months ago, I read about Naomi Boom extensions on Esther Otomi’s blog here, as an affordable alternative to the popular Havana Mambo Twists. These Double-up 4 Twists I got are smaller in size than Naomi Boom, and a little shinier.

Sure, the packaging of these crochet twists could be better- there was no indication as to the length on the label. In one of the packs, the twists were not uniform. A good number of them were bigger than the rest, so, if you’re buying this hair, you might want to look closely. Still, I don’t mind much. Can you see the difference in size below?

Made in Nigeria- Double-Up 4 Twist Crochet Twists

I love that (for the most part) they are not chunky like I’m used to. I’ve been rocking big chunky kinky Havana twists since 2013. I never thought this day would come lol but I am TIRED. If I can find even smaller twists, like Senegalese twists, at this price range, I’d be very happy!

That said, I’m enjoying my twists. They are neat, well done, and holding up well.

Made in Nigeria- Double-Up 4 Twist Crochet Twists
Last night, after work (2 week old twists). Photo credit: my friend W.

At 950 a pack, the 3 cost me 2,850 Naira. Add 700 Naira for cornrows at the salon + 1 hour installation time at home. You too can slay on a budget, with good cheap hair and my crochet braids tutorial!

Two weeks in, and two more weeks to go. I love, love, that more Nigerian companies are getting into the business of crochet braids extensions- low-end and high-end. I was at Balogun Market last week, and I saw many! SO here for this new development y’all. Here for it!

For maintenance, I go to sleep in my satin bonnet always. A few days ago, I freshened my scalp by wiping it with the same Micellar cleansing water I use on my face. Every now and then (like today) I oil lightly with castor oil. Nothing too elaborate, just taking each day as it comes.

What do you think of my crochet twists? Are you down with cheap crochet hair, like I am? What affordable, and better yet, local brands have you discovered lately? Share!




38 Replies to “Buy Nigerian: Double-Up 4 Crochet Twists”

  1. Wonderful post. We have to be #teamdiy during this recession. Anyways, I am currently rocking Diy crochet kinky twists that I made myself using noble kinky hair. Not bad for my first time twisting any kind of hair, if I do say so myself😊. I can’t cornrow too but I got a video which helped me achieve something close to a cornrow via Lovejhanelle’s channel. See the link below :

    1. Whoop thanks for reading Dami, and thank you so much for sharing the video! I’m definitely going to come back to it! More grease to your DIY elbow 🙂

  2. These look cute but I think I want to try the Naomi Boom first as it’s thicker.
    I also want to the try the Havana cro by freedom.
    I read about both of them on Natural Girl on a Budget’s Blog and I feel like going to the market to buy it now so I can get them done ASAP!
    Lool, I’m Gingered!!!

    1. Yes! I know I said I’m over big fat twists but I fell in love with the Havana hair from Freedom. Saw it at Balogun last Friday and it was SO lush in plain purple- as well as some ombre purple & pink. Definitely want to make a wig with it now.

  3. This is stunning and can’t believe it’s that cheap. Although I’m new to this Natural Hair thing…it’s not too early to try, right ?

  4. I love the hair and the price.
    All these 3500-per-scanty-pack brands had me wondering why I wasn’t invited to the money sharing party that my mates are obviously attending. N24,500 when it’s not human hair. Until I hammer, I’ll stick to brands like this.
    I’m in the mood for skinnier twists too so I hope I find this. Someone told me Xpression has a new range of tinier crocher twists too. I’m on the lookout for those as well.

  5. I’ve been thinking of my next protective style. Im definitely getting these next. Thanks for bringing it to our attention..

  6. Nigerian companies are doing a good job! Just took down mine that’s an exact replica of the Janet Noir Havana mambo twists on Saturday. Uniform size, length, versatile colours, cheaper and great for a crochet wig

  7. I love them! I currently have the same hair in. Got the double up extensions for 700 in Ibadan. Crocheted it for 2500 in Abuja. Winning! #BuyNigerian

  8. Hello Ekene. Can you tell me where you got the hair? I live in Magodo 1 as well, and I need to get my hair done during the coming week.
    Also, do you think the hair can be reused?
    I just took out Naomi Boom and I’m not sure if I should wash the braids or I should just throw them away.
    They smell a little funky.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Hannah!
      Yes, the hair can be reused. As long as it still looks good, you can wash and reuse, or repurpose.
      I got the hair in Anthony Village. I’ve seen it in Mende, Maryland as well.
      I don’t know about Magodo.
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

    1. LOL! They need to start exporting to the US, since Murica and China want to be childish with those crochet prices!

  9. Yayy!!! we got the tutorial. As for the senegalese twist crochet braids, xpressions seem to have something like that. I saw it on their facebook page but i don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere else.

  10. Love this post! I’m gonna look out for this hair, love the length and relative size. Would you say they are more like expression in texture or kinky?

    1. Thanks Sabirah!
      It’s somewhere between Expression and Kinky. Definitely not coarse, but not so “light” either 🙂

  11. Lol! I did that crotchet o! Cost me approximately 30k. I don’t even know how I did it, but I carried it for 3 months despite all the complaints from people. Averaging 10k per month. Only way I could feel better. But I loosened it and I plan to reuse it. Lol!

    1. As a Lagos big girl! Please get your money out of it to the last! Wash, reuse, do a crochet wig sef to make it last longer. For my sake :o)

  12. they look lovely i saw this ages ago on instagram but i couldn’t find them anywhere will definitely try them after i instal naomi boom i think they have the wearable version too not sure though

  13. Looks good. I love that it is affordable as well. But cornrows for 700 is too coss! Depends on your area I guess. Lol. I’m way too cheap to pay that much sha.

    It still looks fresh for 2 weeks old. Well done!

  14. Thanks fro these head up. Its so affordable and i love how itsnt too chunky like havana and naomi boom. I”ll be on the lookout when I got to Balogun market.

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