How To Dye Your Hair Extensions Red At Home – No Bleach!

I have been a proper red head for 2 months now and man, I am enjoying myself so much! Who is it that said blondes have all the fun? That person never met a red head, is why. Because my natural hair is now red, it is only logical that all the extensions I wear be red too! I have rocked red crochet curls, red lemonade braids, and now, a red textured wig! In this post, I show you how I dyed my dark textured hair extensions to get a vibrant red colour.

What You Will Need

  1. Hair Extensions (duh). I used my HerGivenHair Kinky Blowout hair. I have had this hair for 2 years and it has been amazing to me. They are currently on sale here.
  2. Foil
  3. Dye brush and mixing bowl
  4. Latex gloves to protect your hands
  5. L’Oreal Hicolor dye for dark hair. This hair dye lets you get your desired colour without using bleach first. I used a mixture of the sizzling copper and the red hair dyes. The sizzling copper dye comes with a copper intensifier that gets rid of the orangeness from the copper colour to give you a shiny copper red rather than an orangey red. I didn’t want the copper red alone which is why I mixed it with the red dye.
Red on the left; Sizzling Copper on the right
Sizzling copper with the copper intensifier

6  L’Oreal 30 creme developer. I used a 30 developer because I did not have a preference as to how quickly I wanted the dye to lift off the dark hair colour. The higher the developer number on the bottle, the quicker the lift.

The Dyeing Process

  1. Wear your latex gloves and start by mixing the dye, colour intensifier and developer in a mixing bowl.  A plastic bowl is best for this. Dye mixing bowls are sold in beauty supply stores but I just use old Tupperware. The ratio of dye to developer is 1:2. Each tube of dye was 1.2 ounces and so I mixed each tube with 2.4 ounces of developer. For the two bundles and one closure of extensions, I used 8 tubes of dye all together. I use the pointed end of the dye brush to mix the solutions until it is a smooth red mixture.
    Dye, copper intensifier, developer mixture
  2. Cover most of your working surface with foil and spread out the bundle of hair on the foil.

  3. Apply the dye to the extension from top to bottom. If you want the ends of your hair to take more colour than the top, apply dye to the bottom first and then apply from top to bottom. Doing this will allow the bottom begin the colour lifting process before the top.
  4. Apply the dye to both sides of the hair extension. This means that you need to flip the extension after applying dye to one side. This ensures that all bristles are covered.
  5. Once the hair is covered, use the foil base to wrap the hair and set aside for at least 30 minutes. The warmer the area you leave the hair, the quicker the colour lifts and new colour is deposited.

    TIP: Before you start your mixing and application, cover your nose with a scarf or some other breathable material. The fumes from the mixture got to me quite a bit until I scarfed my nose.

After Dyeing

  1. Remember that your textured hair extensions are natural hair and so you should treat them well. After dyeing, rinse out the dye in cold water. Warm water will run off more colour than cold water will.
  2. After rinsing, condition the hair using colour safe conditioner. I currently use Joico Colour Infuse Red Conditioner. Rinse out the conditioner and air dry the hair.

How Much Did All This Cost?

  1. L’Oreal HiColor Sizzling Copper/ Red dye: $6.40/#2304 per 1.2 ounce pack
  2. L’Oreal Oreor 30 Volume Creme Developer: $18.35/ #6606 per 16 ounce pack
  3. Latex Gloves: $1.99/ #716 per 3 pairs
  4. Dye Brush from dye kit: $2.99/ #1076 per kit
  5. Foil: $0/ #0 from home kitchen
  6. Hair Extensions: See here for pricing. Use thekinkandi code at checkout for an additional 10% off their Valentine’s day sale that ends on 2/15/2018.

I made my extensions into a wig and straightened it to get my results!


If you have been thinking about changing the colour of your hair (because really, in 2018 we are about to see some lit colours on natural hair, especially on 4c hair!) but are not sure what you would look like with the colour you desire, dyeing your hair extensions is a great way to dip your feet in the pool and get acclimatized. You still get the fun of dyeing and still get to rock the look without changing the hair on your head… at least not yet!

If video is an easier way for you to follow the steps in this post, please watch my tutorial here:

Let me know in the comments, if this is something you will try!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO YOU!!! Here is wishing you all the love you desire, today and always! <3