I Dyed My 4C Natural Hair Purple with Red Highlights!

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I dyed my hair two weeks ago! Highlights from our Instagram Story that day are still in our profile, go see here– but, here’s how it went down.

Why I Dyed My Hair

In May, I will be 6 years natural! My hair length has somewhat plateaued in the last 3 years, so, I had been itching for a change. A lot of thoughts were running through my head- from the extreme- loc it, or cut it all off? To less drastic options- colour, or cut and colour. I’m not a very spontaneous person so  I really had to think about it. I asked people who had tried a tapered cut before (lower on the sides) and came to the conclusion that for non-curly hair types, the tapered cut can be somewhat high maintenance to style. I then decided to colour first to see if that would be enough change, before thinking about cutting, and I’m so happy I went this route. My new colour is exactly what I needed to cure me of my boredom!

What Color & Where?

After weeks of casually searching for inspo on the interwebs, I came across this photo on Instagram. It was perfect- fun, yet subtle.

I’m a lawyer so I’m expected to look somewhat conservative Monday to Friday.

I shared a screenshot with Kemi Lewis of K.L’s Natural Beauty Bar weeks before, and started preparing mentally. I’m not going to lie,  I was still nervous on the D-day but all that was unnecessary because she totally nailed it. 100%.

How We Dyed 

Okay, here’s a quick recap.

Prep & Prime.

I was so busy in the days before the dye job that I didn’t take time to research what should be done before hair colour. There is a good detailed article here – but MeeMee the rainbow princess told me that you are meant to prepare for colour in the same way that you would, a relaxer. Dirty hair (not literally, but hair is best not freshly washed) and your scalp should be free of injury. Luckily, I had washed my hair 4 days before so it was all good. My hair was somewhat detangled, but she took her time to detangle again and section it before we started.

How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar
Sectioned and detangled

It is very important that your dye station is well ventilated because these are some serious chemicals and the fumes can make you uncomfortable.


You don’t have to bleach your hair before dying, but this was the route we took for no particular reason. The bleach/developer was applied to the full length my hair (except 2 inches of roots) and this was the long part.

How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar
Bleaching in progress

She applied it with a brush, and wearing plastic gloves, she smoothed it into my hair in small sections till the whole head was covered, and let it sit.

Wash 1

Then, she washed off the bleach, mopped up the excess water with a T-Shirt and dried my hair with a cool blow dryer.

How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar
Washing the bleach/developer out

I didn’t realise how tired exactly I had been, until after I saw my bleached hair. Before going in, I would normally have had a conversation about whether or not to bleach, considered the pros and cons extensively, but I just wanted something. Anything.

How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar
Bleached, but you can see that my curl pattern hasn’t been affected

If you aren’t going to Kemi Lewis or any stylist you trust, you probably want to give everything a little more thought- to avoid panicking after.

How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar

Now that my natural colour black has been bleached out of 98.5% of my hair, if my new colour fades, I would have to re-colour (not bleach, just colour) and if I want to go back to black, I would have to dye my hair again because the natural black is gone. Again, I repeat that you can dye your hair vibrant hues without bleaching- but MeeMee will talk about this in another blog post. 🙂


She mixed the colour and applied it to my hair, choosing which sections to highlight. Hair dye, I learnt, is a bit like food colouring. The purple dye at first was SO light but it grew darker over time. The red dye, on the other hand, looked pink at first but quickly became so scary looking! Still, I was already past the point of no return so I just kept calm LOL.

How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar

How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar

When she was done applying the dye, we waited 30 minutes and we were ready to wash.

Wash 2

She washed the dye out of my hair and conditioned it.

How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar
Imagine if the colour stayed like this after the wash, haha
How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar
How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar
fresh 🙂

To finish, she blowdried my hair, trimmed my ends and styled my hair in a halo flat twist.

How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar
Photo taken before I left the salon at 8:30pm

The whole process took us about 5 hours in total, guys. I kid you not. I was so tired mehn, I couldn’t imagine how Kemi herself felt! Shoutout to MeeMee for helping with the photos 😀

How I Dyed My Kinky 4C Natural Hair Red in Lagos at K.L's Natural Beauty Bar
Kemi Lewis 🙂

How much did it cost?

The damage? 25K.

Each dye job is priced based on a couple of factors, but mine was assessed at 25K.

NOT that it didn’t put a dent in my pocket oh, but after going through the process and seeing the outcome (which I love!) I think the price was very fair.

Also, considering how much time this took, you probably want to call in advance to book an appointment.

Products used

A number of people have already asked what products were used, but I’m sorry I can’t answer this 🙁 Probably because the process was so long and tiring, I really didn’t focus. The products used to dye were professional products in industrial sizes. I noted the names but they escaped me.

Any changes?

So far, none apart from the obvious colour change lol.  My hair still feels the same way as it did before the dye.



I will definitely work hard to preserve the colour, so expect my updates about that in the next couple weeks or few months?

I know a lot of people have concerns about how to care for coloured hair, that is, preserve your colour, and keep your hair from breaking. Now is not the time to be lazy about hair care and I will share my routine when I have it figured out, but for now, just know that it’s going to be a lot of moisture moisture moisture, and I will be using more products labelled “Color Safe”.

I’m super excited about this new twist in my hair journey, and I’m already having fun exploring it. I can’t wait to share with you all everything I’ll be learning in this new phase!

Color Inspiration: Deep Purple Natural Hair with Red Highlights! All the details here: Click To Tweet

So, guys. What do you think of my new colour? Would you do the same? What are your thoughts on colour? Where did you get yours done? What do you wish you knew? What would you like me to look into? Let me know in the comments!




K.L’s Natural Beauty Bar

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29D, Ikorodu Crescent, Dolphin Estate, Lagos

08091166355, 08093308866

info [at] klsnaturals [dot] com

21 Replies to “I Dyed My 4C Natural Hair Purple with Red Highlights!”

  1. Your hair colour is gorgeous! The moment I saw your hair on IG, I knew I had gotten a satisfactory picture as to how my hair would look if I dyed it! Thank you so much for sharing. Been surfing the net to get as much info as I can. However, my question is, will no bleaching before colouring look this nice? Thank you.

    1. Aww thanks Aanu! Yes, it’s possible to get deep colour without bleaching. See MeeMee’s very bright red here. Still, we’ll ask an expert. 🙂

  2. lovely hair…… initially it was meemee and now you. the colors really compliments your skin, making you to look more beautiful. kudos babe.

  3. It’s gorgeous. Sitting for 5 hours would have killed me tbh. When I’m coloring my hair, I’ll bleach first then wait 24 hours to dye. Maybe I’ll preserve my sanity that way. Can’t wait

  4. Hey AB, your hair is so fiiiiine.

    I get what you mean about wanting some sort of change for the hair. Renewing the initial vibe.
    I have been at this point several times. Do I loc my hair? No I’d wait till I’m a bit older
    Dye the hair? My mother would throw the ‘feistiest’ (if there’s a word like this) fit.

    You just brought my dilly-dallying to a halt. I am dying the hair. Most likely with henna. Because that extra care is not really something I’m ready for. We would research sha

    Your hair is just so fine sha. Color Pop. In everything.

  5. Your hair looked beyond amazing! It really suits u and the red streaks is something unique ^.^

    I look forward to your subsequent posts on caring for it (I don’t have coloured hair but I’m clearly cleaning heavily towards some colour this summer ~ make my first time a good one ^.^)

  6. Omg!!! I noticed the colour difference in ur hair in d last post you did (the meet & greet), but I thot it was a kinky extension.
    Your hair looks soo beautiful!! The colours you chose turned out really nice..bold and suble at d same time. Kemi Lewis nailed it!! *Ocean tears* cos now u are making me hungry to dye my hair too, but my parents may frown at it. Plus, I may get too addicted, and start trying crazier colours..cos I feel lyk once u start, u won’t wanna go back.
    Quick question: How was ur hair colour accepted at work?

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