How to: Two Faux Buns (Minnie Mouse Puff Puffs)


I recently discovered how easy and chic these faux buns (aka minnie mouse puff puffs) are and must share with you! The first time I tried out this style, it was a way for me to style my old, heat straightened and coloured hair – you know that in-between phase where the hair is no longer bone straight, but not completely coily? The tutorial below was done on washed and stretched hair (stretched with chunky twists).

What you Need for Faux Buns


1 – Marley/ Havana twist hair (1 pack)

2 – Soft hold gel

3 – Satin scarf

4 – Hair brush

5 – Hair comb

6 – Bobby Pins (as many as needed)

7 – Pony tail holders (4)

5 Steps to Style Faux Buns

1. Part stretched, fluffed hair and damp hair in half, down the middle.



2. Hold up each half in a ponytail. Make this as smooth as you can.



3. Use a soft hold gel to further smoothen each half and hold down short bits of hair with bobby pins.



4a. Loop ponytail holder into half a pack of marley hair extensions.



4b. Use the ponytail holder to secure the marley hair to your own ponytail. Twirl the extensions about the ponytail and use bobby pins to hide free ends.




5. Wear satin scarf for a smooth and finished look.


And once ready to step out to slay, remove satin scarf… and that’s it!


Seriously, when I said easy, I meant easy!

While this style reminds me of me trying to slay when I was 9 years old, I think that it is a chic look that can make you look all dolled up. In addition, if your hair feels too short to pull off a smooth looking single high bun, this is a great compromise. Why have one when you can have two, eh? I will definitely be rocking these again.

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Check out the video below for a quick run through of the steps highlighted above:

What do you think of this style? Your cup of tea? Let me hear from you below! 

– MeeMee


8 Replies to “How to: Two Faux Buns (Minnie Mouse Puff Puffs)”

  1. WOW. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love afro puffs but my natural hair isn’t that long for them to be as full as I would like. Thank you for sharing this hack. xx

  2. I love it. I have tried it before and I remember people kept looking at me. Perhaps they felt isn’t she too old to be wearing the Bint a style? I will definitely try it again once my braids come off. This time will try the gel.

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