Goddess Locs, Your Next Protective Hairstyle!

Meagan-Good-for-Goddess-Faux-Locs-CampaignHey beautifuls!

How are you and your beautiful hair doing? How are you styling right now? Tell me, tell me!

I’m wearing twists this week. The last 2 weeks I’ve had attention grabbing hair, which was awesome but really, simple old twists are fine. Functional, and kind of cute haha.

Well. I’ve got another style on my mind, though: Goddess Locs!

Goddess Locs- Bonet Locs- Protective Styles
Source: Iconosquare

Back in January 2014, I did this post about Genie Locs and till this day, I have not worn it. Girl, whatttttt?

I know, crazy. Well, locs will never be out of fashion, and I’m happy that on the faux side of things, there’s a creative new twist to it. Enter, Goddess Locs.

What Are Goddess Locs? How Are They Different From Regular Faux Locs?

Goddess Locs are like regular faux locs, with a literal twist.

Now you know that basically, to achieve faux locs, a strand of kinky braiding hair is normally wrapped around the length of a pre-twisted or pre-braided section of hair. Let’s say you’re wearing braids now. If you wrap a strand or two of kinky hair around one braid, from the roots to your ends and seal it, you’d have yourself a faux loc! Simple concept to grab!

Goddess Locs on the other hand, are not kinky strands wrapped around a braid or a twist, or some section of hair. Rather, you use some wavy hair first to braid, and leave the curled ends loose. Then you wrap the hair with kinky (or other) braiding hair but not to the end, you leave a few inches. 

So you have a 95% faux loc, with a wavy/ curly finish.

Basically, you can be Lisa Bonet for a minute!

Lisa Bonet & Zoe Kravitz for Calvin Klein- Bonet Locs- Goddess Locs
Lisa Bonet & Zoe Kravitz for Calvin Klein

SO. What do you think?

I think I dig it. I dig it a lot!

This hairstyle can be credited to Dr Kari Williams. She’s a trichologist and hair stylist whose clientele includes Meagan Good, Tyra Banks and Gabourey Sidibe. She offers a tutorial video on her website for $40, and there, you can also order the Goddess Faux Locs Kit of materials and maintenance hair products, for a whopping $465!

Before you log off lol and close this page because damn, that’s a lot of dollars, and let’s not even talk about what that is worth in Naira, in this blessed year of our Lord, 2016! We’ve always, always got your back on The Kink and I!

How To Install Your Own Goddess Locs

One of my fave natural hair vloggers Donedo, has this pretty awesome how-to tutorial on YouTube.

And another tutorial showing how you can style your Goddess Locs!

Simply put, she uses wavy braiding hair (think, any random curly synthetic weave you can trust to an extent) to twist her own hair, and then uses good old kinky hair to wrap. She wraps the kinky hair for like 95% of the length of the wavy hair. When she’s almost done wrapping the length of the wavy/ curly braiding hair, she applies a little glue and that’s it. Unlike genie locs where you burn the ends, these ones are easier to do if like me, you’re clumsy!

Also, for a more natural look like Tyra’s or Meagan’s, instead of using braiding hair suitable for Kinky Twists, you could use braiding hair that’s less coarse. Think about those kinky straight weaves, as seen on Dr. Williams’ site. Obviously, this could be more expensive to buy or a little harder to find than regular kinky braiding hair, or not. I’ll see what’s good at the market when I go next month, or so.

Tyra Banks- Goddess Locs- Hairstyles- Protective Styles- Faux Locs
Source: People Mag

I can’t wait to have MeeMee give me Goddess Locs the next time I see her! I’ll be going to the market to find the correct wavy/ curly hair, so I’ll definitely keep you guys posted! 🙂

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So, go on then. Go forth and slay, before the rest of Lagos catches up with you!




23 Replies to “Goddess Locs, Your Next Protective Hairstyle!”

    1. Hey Toffie! We don’t have any recommendations but hopefully somebody sees this & leaves a comment in response. Do you use Style seat? You can find stylists in your area that can hook you up nicely on styleseat.com (this is not a paid plug, promise! 😂)

  1. Hey love! Great blog! Always been following but I’ve never commented., lol. I want to ask if you’ve found the suitable hair for goddess faux locs! I can’t wait to try it. P.S. sadly here in Abuja, hair stylists don’t know about this yet, so I’m yet to get someone who can do this for me. Do you know of anyone in Abj that does this please? Do share please. Thank you dear.

    1. Hi Nengi! Thank you very much! 🙂
      Lumo Naturals should know! See @LumoNaturals on Instagram. You could also try Bold & Beautiful Salon in Wuse 2. You could also contact @natmaine on Instagram, or Mee-Riet Naturals, Plot 41 Lord Lugard Street, Asokoro, Area 11.

  2. Hey AB this should probably be the umpteenth time I’m reading this post,lol! I love it thT much. My concern is the glue part, what glue would we use, the normal super glue or what :s thanks

    1. Hey Pinky! Thank you 🙂 lol I’ll find out the exact glue Donna used. In the video, she used one in a small tube like superglue but Nigerian superglue is not to be played with so I think there has to be an alternative. Will try to find out from her 🙂

  3. The style really looks nice. I haven’t really paid attention to Goddess locs but I think I’ll try this sometime, let’s just say I’ll do it if you do. Agreed?

  4. wow it really looks beautiful. I’ ve never really paid attention to this style but, its something I’m willing to try. let’s say I’ll do it if you do, agreed?

  5. Yes!
    I saw this on instagram on Meagan Good, and then Tyra when I clicked on the hashtag. I watched like five videos on Ig, including these two. The cost😢
    I’m planning to improvise; find curly braiding hair like you said or curl it myself.
    It won’t look a lot like Dr Kari’s but it won’t cost nearly as much either 😒

  6. I tried faux locs once and it was a tad heavy maybe coz it was all kinky hair. I wouldn’t mind trying this so I’m waiting on your hair finds! Congrats on the new site!!!

    1. Hey Rolayo, I’m pretty sure you can do this anywhere in Lagos where braids are done. From salons to the market. Just show your stylist and if she is creative, or at least open to learning new things, it’ll click. No creativity needed sef because this is really nothing new (technique wise).

      Styles like yarn wraps, genie locs and this one that require wrapping a braid/ twist or something are actually “double work”, so they tend to cost more (everywhere). I remember once, a colleague did yarn wraps and it took her 8 hours to do!

      So, for the sake of your budget, you’re best off gathering your materials and going to a small salon, early in the morning, and you’d be directing them. I teach my local salon new things the few times I go. Who knows, you can even get a discount for teaching them new biz! 🙂

  7. Hello AB, i love your new blog outline. I have been a silent reader since but i decided to come out of my shell(lol). I guess we are in the same boat, i kept postponing faux locs , now half of Lagos is wearing it. So I’ll probably go for this. Pls keep us posted on the blog when you find a suitable hair. I may just DIY it. Have a great day AB>

    1. Hey Tosin, thank you!
      Please come out of your shell more!
      I’ll definitely keep you posted! Have a wonderful day yourself! 🙂

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