The Good Hair Webinar!


Yes, you read that right. On Saturday, May 28, The Kink and I will be teaching  a class! This will be a live online class with the opportunity to interact with us. You DO NOT want to miss out on The Good Hair Webinar, trust me.

Regardless of the texture we prefer to wear our hair in, we ALL want good hair, and this is a fact.

So many times on this blog, we have expressed that for us, healthy hair is more important than how you wear your hair. Good hair, darlings, IS healthy hair and healthy hair IS good hair.

Ok, so you’ve heard and read this over and over but you don’t know how to start or you feel like you’ve lost the plot even three years into the game.

There are some of us who really don’t know where to begin with our hair even when we decide to go on this healthy hair journey. On the other hand, there are many of us who have access to so many resources that it has now become a problem. The blogs. YouTube. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook groups. It’s a whole LOT to process. What is true? What is fiction? Why aren’t all these things working? Argh!

We understand. We went through it too! Still go through it, sometimes.  And that’s why we are here! Your good hair super heroes, if you will, to help you! 

At The Good Hair Webinar, we will not be telling you what products you MUST use, what technique you MUST try, what regimen you MUST follow. NO. To each his or her own. What we WILL do, is, teach you the fundamentals of hair, and how you can use your understanding of the basics to SIMPLIFY and FILTER all the information coming at you left, right and center. We will help you figure out the most important thing- what works for YOU. How to make better bets on what will work for you, and what is not worth your time. Trust us, with this understanding, you cannot go wrong.

SO. What are you waiting for? Join us on Saturday May 28 at 4PM Lagos Time (GMT+1) / 11AM New York City Time (EST) for The Good Hair Webinar. 

This is a FREE webinar but believe me, the information and knowledge that you will get is absolutely priceless. So take advantage of this opportunity and sign up HERE to get up-to-date information and to be a part of this webinar. You will be SO glad you did!

If your hair game is on lock and you’re a good hair black belt ninja, share #TheGoodHairWebinar with someone who needs this, and come hang with us, still!

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Remember to come armed with all your questions! See you there!

-AB & MeeMee

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