Get The Look: Short Curly Hair Like Chidinma



“How do I get short curly hair like Chidinma?”

This is one question we’ve received quite a few times. To get your natural hair to curl like the beautiful singer’s, you don’t need to texturise it. It is super easy, and all you need is water and some gel. 


I recently cut my hair and I doubt that I am ready to grow it into anything serious. I love it being short.

Thing is, I would love to have my hair like Chidinma or like Solange (they look like 2 different hairstyles to me though but I am open to exploring) though it seems it might just be easier to do the Chidinma thing seeing as she is Nigerian and we probably have the same texture.



Hey Ada,

My hair was never as short (I was too scared of going low) but you can totally manipulate your low cut to look curly.

I watched a few YouTube videos. One girl got the look with just gel on wet hair, and another with a mix of Gel, Leave-in Conditioner and Shea butter. What both girls have in common though, is the technique. I don’t know how exactly to explain it, so here’s this tutorial from vlogger Stephanie Rae (just gel on wet hair):

You could try this with the products you already have (leave-in and pomade) or add gel to the mix, or try this with just gel. Anything you decide.

I asked my friend D and she was kind to share how she gets the look:
1. She wets her hair, uses Activator gel as a leave-in conditioner and seals with oil.
2. She brushes with a Denman brush (weavon brush)
3. And finishes off with a tail comb for the “koko” at her edges.

I hope this helps!!


Simple as ABC: How to make your kinky curls pop like Chidinma's! Click To Tweet


Simple as ABC.

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If you have any more tips for Ada (and many others) on how to make a kinky TWA (teeny weeny Afro) curly, please be nice and let us drink from your fountain of wisdom in the comments! 😉

Bye boos,



P.S. If you are not Nigerian, Chidinma is a singer-songwriter. The curly TWA has been her signature style since she popped on the scene in 2012 (or so). You should totally get familiar with this national treasure 🙂 See her very first video here:

3 Replies to “Get The Look: Short Curly Hair Like Chidinma”

  1. Hi Ada, yes do post pictures so we can see, another blogger who cut her hair short and has excellent tutorials is Frostoppa, Google and click on her link. As always, be sure to embrace your own beautiful coils and have fun on your natural hair journey 🙂 Thanks doll for the great post 🙂

  2. Hi Ada,
    Super short natural hair curls really well when gel is sparingly applied to wet hair. A little oil over that makes it look nice and shiny. I hope you send in photos of your curly look for us to admire once you get the hang of it!

  3. Hi,
    Easier said than done,i do mine with same process,jack 5 activator on my wet fro,but it looks white and going out immediately is a challenge, people start asking what did you rob on your hair?But best results u get wen dry.I bet you would fall in love with your hair. So probably do it at night so when it’s morning just spray mixture of water and oil

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