Product Review: HerGivenHair Natural Human Hair Extension


In recent years, there has been a rise in the presence of natural human hair extensions in the market. If you are like me who loves protective styling but still want the look of textured hair, then this is a great advancement. Today, I will be reviewing HerGivenHair 100% human hair extension.

What is HerGivenHair?

HerGivenHair is a human hair extension brand that focuses on natural looking hair extensions. Created in 2015, they “had a dream that we wanted natural girls to be able to change their look without feeling like they were changing themselves. A natural hair weft that is the same texture as their hair, but giving them the versatility to be able to change the length, the thickness, or even the color!“. Currently, their hair is sold in 4 textures – Kinky hair (4b – 4c), Coily hair (3c – 4a), curly hair (3b – 3c), and kinky blow-out. These are available as wefted hair, clip-ins, lace closures, and u-part wigs (the kinky blow out is not available in u-part wig just yet).

Kinky Blowout – First Impressions

I tried out the kinky blowout wefted hair with lace closure. Because I am more of a wig girl than a sew-in girl, I made the hair into a wig. My experience of this hair began with the packaging. I am a sucker for great packaging and I believe that HerGivenHair does packaging really well. One might say that oh, this is hair and so even if it comes in a disposable bag, it’s fine. For my hair extensions, I am very appreciative when the hair company provides a durable and long lasting package that I can always re-use to store the hair when I’m not wearing it.

Cute box for storing hair

These extensions are S O F T! If this was real hair, with the way I had my hands running through the hair all the time – I could have gone bald. So soft! I absolutely love the way it feels. The hair is thick as well! I used two bundles of wefted hair (12″ and 14″) and a lace closure (12″) and it was big. Big, just the way I like it.


I experienced a bit of shedding. Now, I will never know, with this hair, if it was because of the hair itself or because I was too lazy to completely use my weft sealant all through the wefts. Despite my laziness though, in the two months that I wore this hair, the shedding was very minimal.

Although I did not wear this as a sew-in or a u-part wig, the hair does bear a lot of resemblance to my hair texture. I got lots of compliments with this hair – many assumed it was my blown-out hair. Well, yes please! Perhaps I need to continue rocking this wig until my hair gets the memo and catches up to it. Fake it till you make it, you know.


The only issue that I experienced with this hair is the fact that the bottom tangles a lot, especially when I style in a pony tail. A lot of brushing follows to release the kinks from a full day of wear.


Would I Recommend HerGivenHair?

Based on my kinky blowout experience, definitely!


How to Buy HerGivenHair

These hair extensions are currently only available for purchase on their website. If this post has come to you at the right time and you were considering gifting yourself some nice extensions for the holidays, then don’t miss out on their Black Friday sale! This sale started on Monday, Nov. 21 and will end on Wednesday, Nov. 30. What’s more? You can use our code thekinkandi to get 20% off all products (excluding bundle deals)!

So there you have it! Would you try out this hair? Have you tried out this hair or any other natural human hair extensions? Love it or meh? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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  1. Mee-mee, I’m a fellow fine-haired, low density natural (and also a Mimi) and I’m wondering if you’d consider doing an update post on your natural hair journey and what you’re doing now that your hair is longer in terms of styling and maintenance of our fragile hair type. Please help us who don’t have the typical natural hair blog thick, full hair- you’re our inspiration. I’d love if you could do an updated post on your hair and how you wear it out and maintain it now that you have more experience with it!

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