DIY: How To Dye Your Hair Extensions At Home

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Apologies for the post that went up earlier in the day. I had to take it down as it wasn’t quite finished yet. Blogging has been a little less convenient in recent times but there’s so much we have to share with you guys so please hang in there with us!

I’m wearing a sew-in weave at the moment. The hair is from Nazuri Curls, in their Afro texture (formerly known as the Afro Kinky Curly). I loved it last year and I still love it now. Last year I wore it really big for the most part as I was pretty much my own boss. But now, I have to look “professional”, “fit and proper” and as a rookie in the game, the last and truly the least (for now) I just have to respect myself and conform. So instead of fixing two and a half (or more) bundles as I did last time, I used under two bundles.

Courts officially go on vacation today, so in celebration, I added a little more hair to the front. Let the shakara continue! lol

Nazuri Curls in Afro Texture- Good Kinky Weave Hair
I’m not sad, I promise lol

But in the first two weeks, I tried to keep it real, and make the weave look super ordinary, like it were my hair.

Elevator Selfie!

More about this later.

Blending is an art, sisters and brothers. Not always easy but definitely worth the trouble. This hair originally came in Color 4.

While Color 4 was the colour of my hair when relaxed, it has become darker on my natural hair journey.

Because I was leaving a lot of hair out, I decided to dye the curls. I used 2 boxes of the Creme of Nature with Argan Oil dye in Intense Black.

Creme of Nature with Argan Oil- Good Hair Dye- Intense Black

My natural hair is dark most times but it is not Intense Black. I later saw a Soft Black shade of the same dye, maybe that would have been closer to home. But whatever, really- this sha brought the extensions closer to my hair colour than the previous Colour 4.

So. The dye job. How did this go?

1. I laid old newspapers on the floor, and then polythene/plastic bags over them.

2. The hair was already nice and clean and mostly detangled. Remember I made a wig with it that didn’t turn out perfect? I dismantled the wig and laid the hair out on nylon bags.

3. Mixed the dye according to instructions. Pretty simple. I poured the Creme into the applicator bottle containing the developer. After shaking well, I was ready to apply immediately. 

Creme of Nature with Argan Oil- Good Hair Dye- Intense Black

Hair Color- Creme of Nature with Argan Oil- Good Hair Dye- Intense Black

Hair Color- Good Hair Dye

Hair Color- Good Hair Dye

4. I applied the dye by streaking the extensions with it like so:


5. After doing this, I used my hands (gloved) to smooth it into the extensions. When I was satisfied, I put the hair into a Ziploc bag.


*repeat till all hair covered*

6. The instructions said to leave for 30 minutes, but I had to leave the dye on for one hour. Why? I originally bought just one box of dye lol and had to run out to buy another when I Realised my mistake. It was all good, after all it’s not like the dye was anywhere near my scalp. 

7. Still following the instructions, I shampooed the hair. This stops the bleeding. At first I just rinsed the dye off but the colour kept running. 

8. Then, I conditioned the hair with Hello Hydration and returned it to another Ziploc bag to soak in the moisture for thirty minutes. 

9. Rinsed conditioner out with cool water, moisturised and sealed with my Cantu leave-in & Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey (a pomade) 

10. Hung hair on hangers to dry. Fin. 

End result: black curls!


This took me about 3 hours in all (minus air drying time) though I’d definitely have been faster if I didn’t have to leave to go buy more dye.

I got the dyes from a supermarket in my area for 1,200 naira each. This particular brand I’ve seen retailing between 900 and 1200. It’s pretty common, don’t let anybody swindle you.

Remember. From now till October 12, 2015 you can get 10% off your Nazuri Curls purchases with the discount code: KINKANDI




11 Replies to “DIY: How To Dye Your Hair Extensions At Home”

  1. hello
    can I use that same product to dye my hair myself? and are there other dye products I can use just incase I don’t find this one?

    1. Hi Olekanma!
      Sure you can. I know people that have. This line of hair dyes is pretty common, you should find it anywhere but if you don’t, I think you should just take your time. If you see a brand, google it first and make sure there are no scary reviews. Even after you buy, it’s advisable to do a patch test first. Apply the dye to a small portion of hair in a not so obvious area like behind your neck, to test that your body won’t react negatively to the chemicals in the dye. (Other good hair dye brands: Shea Moisture, and I know someone with really healthy hair who uses Adore hair dye.)

  2. Love the hair/your hair/it on your hair:D plus I am DEFINITELY buying this Dye! Last one I tried didn’t even show on my hair:| The nerve. Well it was just a streak. But still. Thanks!

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