Issa Good Hair Day

The Kink and I- Lush Puff on 4C Natural Hair

Hello lovelies,

Long time no speak! AB here 🙂

How about I check in with you guys this Wednesday afternoon, old school style?

I’m having a good hair day today. I wish I could show you guys but if I did post a picture, you’d probably be confused. I’m wearing mini twists that are almost 3 weeks old. They are puffy at the roots and a bit rough all over because I haven’t dedicated myself to keeping them brand new (my tried and tested formula for keeping your mini twists neat is over here). It’s a good hair day still because my ends are perfectly twirled, and severely poppin’ like this because I moisturised my hair this morning. It’s a small win, but I’m celebrating it.

Something like this

This year, with my hair, I’ve been going as the spirit leads and most of the time, the spirit wants to do the absolute least, haha. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have discovered some hacks in the process, and while at first, it seemed like my hair was craving more of my attention, it now appears that we have an understanding. We are being more minimalist about this hair thing, and so far, so good. It’s working out.

On the flip side, I find that I really enjoy myself when I’m doing hair. Not when I think deeply about it, but when it just happens spontaneously, like all the hairstyles in this post. It makes me feel really creative in the moment and I just love it. Since I haven’t blogged a whole lot lately, and I haven’t been on Instagram either, let me just share some of my favourite 2017 hair adventures that “just happened”. The more elaborate ones will come in detailed blog posts real soon 🙂

A Very Funky Twist Out

My hair had been in my usual chunky twists for 2 days, no big deal. I loosened the twists for a puff, noticed the definition and decided to go with this instead. It was supposed to be a twist out with bangs BUT it was a very windy day so the wind totally ignored my bobby pins that were supposed to be holding my bangs down. Who was I to argue with Mother Nature? I fully embraced it.

Cape Town- Funky Twistout on 4C Natural Hair

Here’s what was left of this twist out by the next morning:

The Kink and I- Before the Lush Bun
Still decent, with a little tweaking. But, I had a conference and couldn’t play myself!

Back to Back Juicy Puffs

The day after the funky twist out, I wore my hair in a puff. The juiciest puff I have worn in ages!

Can you feel the softness from the screen? I totally can! On that night, I was too tired to twist the hair before bed so I just put my satin bonnet over it. The next morning, I had a tighter puff, but I still loved it.

Natural Hair Puff- The Kink and I

A Lush Bun

This was such a good hair day. I loved how lush this bun looked from the front, and even much later, when it shrunk a bit and was a little lopsided.

The Kink and I- Lush Bun on Shiny 4C Natural Hair
Lush ting
The Kink and I- Lopsided Natural Hair Bun
A little to the side eh? Nothing spoil

A Spontaneous Cinnabun

The Kink and I- Lush 4C Natural Hair Cinnabun
This Cinnabun was lit!

Then finally, last but not least:

Two Braids?

I don’t know what this style is called. It was really hot at some point last year (or was it 2 years ago?) It’s the only one I went to the salon for, because I can’t cornrow.

The Kink and I- Double Long Braids

My hair was blowdried and braided with almost one pack of Noble Afro Kinky Extensions. It didn’t last long, though. After a week, it was already rough (naturally) so I had to take it down. I got this done at K.L’s Natural Beauty Bar in Dolphin, but I’m pretty sure any ol’ stylist should be able to hook you up! 🙂

Okay. This was fun. Maybe my hair hasn’t been as boring as I thought. I’m actually excited now to deliberately do something really nice after I take these mini twists down.

Over to you now. What has been happening with you and your hair? Any styles you discovered? What are you loving about your hair at the moment? Let’s talk in the comments!




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6 Replies to “Issa Good Hair Day”

  1. Ohhh, if only I’ve had enough time/patience to let my hair out. It’s being PS after PS, back to back. My hair understands…
    One time I couldn’t get to the salon during the weekend to have a PS installed , I had a lady do those two didi cornrows for me, charged #300 or so. Mine also didn’t go past a week, or was it 4days? Laziness shaa
    I envy you, AB.. And your bun

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