Last Minute Hair Gifts for the Woman in your Life

hair gift guide

Where my last minute shoppers at! Don’t feel bad, I’m in the same boat as you this year. You know what’s worse than shopping late for gifts? Not even knowing what it is that you want to get for the people in your life! You can breathe now, though, and before you go the easy way out and give money as a gift, if there are any women in your life… of all ages, this guide will help you narrow down a hair gift for them, especially if they are hair lovers or currently clueless but curious about hair.

Hair Products

Don’t get it twisted, one can NEVER have too many hair products. From shampoos to edge control gels, every woman in your life will appreciate not having to pay for her next set of products. Those things go fast! Because we all know that dime size use of products is a myth. Buy different gift product sets gift guide

Hair Gadgets

If she is a DIY girl when it comes to her or her little daughter’s hair,  she will love you for getting her one of the hair gadgets here. She will need her very own Q-Redew for moisture; the best blowdryer brush so that she can control the amount of heat her hair gets when she wants a quick stretch; a vibrating portable scalp massager that will maker her go “mmmmm” and thank you after every use! Shameless plug: AB wants a Q-Redew, santa!!!

hair gift guideHair Books

There are top picks of children’s books here with hair love and acceptance as the central theme. There is even an adult hair coloring book!  As people who love educational gifts for children, we highly recommend getting one of these books for your little cutie. She will learn to pronounce her words better, learn new words, and also internalize appreciation and care for her hair.

hair gift guide

Black Dolls with Natural Hair

Need I say more? If she has every barbie produced and every Disney princess in her collection, gift her a dark skinned doll that looks like her and has her type of hair. Shop one here.

hair gift guide

Hair Styling Aids

Bobby pins are a big styling aid and we all know that each day, 1,000 bobby pins develop legs and walk off to the land of no return. Getting a case of beautifully colored bobby pins will both give her the gift of a reusable case and new pins to style her hair easily and quickly with! See some gold/ rose gold coloured bobby pins here. If you think bobby pins are too lame as a gift, then please please please, get her a bag of curlformers! These are a heat-free way to get popping curls overnight.

hair gift guide

Mannequin Head with Natural Hair

Whether 8 or 80, if you have noticed that she enjoys creating hairstyles on herself or other people, this will be the perfect gift! This way, she can reduce the manipulation of her own hair while still creating and practicing new styles on her mannequin head! And oh, if she already does hair for a living, then I don’t know why you are thinking twice about getting her one of these here!

hair gift guide


Of course, when all else fails, then go for a gift card that she can use to get anything she wants on Amazon*.

*All links in this post go to our Amazon page where you can see and shop items that we like and recommend. 

So, tell me, what do you really want for Christmas???



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