My Naturals in the City 16 Recap!


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Naturals in the City was last Saturday, 17th September 2016. If you were in Lagos and you could have made it but you didn’t, you really missed o. Sorry, not sorry! 😛 But, to make sure you do not miss NITC updates, just stay subscribed to the blog, or sign up for direct updates on our official Naturals in the City website, 🙂

Even though I could not indulge in the yoga sessions, or the makeup class, or listen to all the super interesting talks- see the event lineup here– (perks of being an organiser haha) I had a great time being in the midst of all the colour, positive vibes, beautiful faces and black girl magic!

I also got to do some shopping, and trust me, I have been thinking about the yummy coconut and cassava salad from our caterer Kitchen Butterfly! Mmm mmm.

The official photos from our official photographer will be up on soon enough (I’m really looking forward to them!) but for now, here are my amateur photos from the day. I finally got a DSLR after wanting one for  3 years,whoop whoop! Her name is Lolia. So, sit back, relax and let me take you through just a little bit of Naturals in the City through Lolia’s eyes 🙂

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Natural hair and denim
Twinning in denim! I originally had plans for a twist-out, but woke up feeling very minimalist that morning, so the twists stayed pinned up.
Naturals in the City 16- Natural Hair Puff
Oooh lush Afro puff!
Naturals in the City- Protective Styling
Protective styles! L- Whitney Madueke, wearing a kinky wig. R- me, in pinned up twists.
Tuke Morgan
Tuke had a busy day, but she stopped by first! Love her pajama pants. The entire outfit 🙂
Nsa Ntuk- Lagos Chill Yoga
Nsa Ntuk, certified yoga teacher extraordinaire. We originally asked her to do 1 workshop, but she threw in a second one! See her Instagram or Twitter @NsaEvolves, and book yourself a class!
Yoga Class in Lagos- Nsa Ntuk
Nsa Ntuk- Lagos Chill Yoga
Mmmhmm. Yoga was soooo good. That’s what they said. And I have this picture to prove it!
Whitney Madueke Makeup Class
Whitney Madueke sharing her fleek
Whitney Madueke
All the works!


dsc_0480 dsc_0490 dsc_0495

Naija Girl Next Door at Naturals in the City
Blogger boo Naija Girl Next Door looking sweet

Naturals in the City 16- 4C Natural Hair Naturals in the City 16- 4C Natural Hair

Naturals in the City 16- Braid out on natural hair and Wash & Go
Beautiful couple. She is wearing a braid out and he’s rocking a wash and go.
Naturals in the City- Wash and Go
Wash & Go up-close
Naturals in the City- How to Style an Off-shoulder dress
Naturals in the City- Kitchen Butterfly
Our special chef Kitchen Butterfly & her able assistant sharing a moment
Naturals in the City- Kitchen Butterfly
Awwww <3
Naturals in the City- Kitchen Butterfly
Cassava & Coconut Salad. Such noms!

Naturals in the City- Whitney Madueke

Naturals in the City- Protective Hairstyle with African Threading
Natural Nigerian’s beautiful threaded ‘do.
Naturals in the City- Relaxed Hair Bun
Healthy relaxed hair 🙂
Naturals in the City- monochrome mules
Shoe game strong!


Naturals in the City- Updo style with Kinky Twists
Pretty updo

Naturals in the City- Cafe Neo Naturals in the City- Long Dredlocs

Naturals in the City- Whitney Madueke Glowing
Whitney after her makeup workshop. Do you remember those Joy Girl ads?
Naturals in the City- Whitney Madueke Glowing
Because her melanin pops severely

Naturals in the City- Kitchen Butterfly Naturals in the City 16 Pretty brown girl with a flower crown

Naturals in the City

Naturals in the City- Natural Girl on a Budget and Nappy Haired
Ella (Natural Girl on a Budget) and Alex (Nappy Haired)
Naturals in the City- Natural Girl on a Budget and Nappy Haired
Alex (R) is wearing a wig she made herself. If you want to learn to make wigs, register for Alex & Ella’s October 8 Workshop. Details HERE

It was a beautiful day. Special thanks to our speakers and workshop facilitators, our vendors, our caterer Kitchen Butterfly, Cafe Neo, Ebun, every single person who came out to hang with us at NITC 16, everyone who helped us spread the word! Thank you. Special shout out to the best organizers: Natural Nigerian, Carib Health and Ms Isioma! ^_^

Naturals in the City is Lagos’ quarterly natural lifestyle meet-up so we’ll definitely be back again this December! Tentatively, on December 17. This date is subject to change, but pencil it into your calendar now, so you don’t forget!

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As always, if you attended NITC 16 and you’ve published a recap on your blog, please leave a link in the comments and I’ll add it to the list below:

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12 Replies to “My Naturals in the City 16 Recap!”

    1. Thanks Olaitan! 🙂 @nsaevolves and @yoga_with_stacey on Instagram and Twitter teach classes. You could check them out, and give yoga a try 🙂

  1. Very informative and fun filled event, I am happy that many of us are embracing the Organic, natural and healthy lifestyle. I can’t wait for the next one comming up in December. My friend kept on thanking me for inviting her.

  2. Tuke smile is always homely.. Very beautiful event, had to cancel last minute so bumped I missed. . Lolita is a nice name for the camera congrats 😃 .Whitney melanin glow always popping 👑.. Can’t wait for Dec edition

    1. Thanks Labake!
      Hopefully nothing comes up in December! 🙂
      Lolia* not Lolita, haha. It’s a Kalabari name, I believe it means “Star”.

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