Get The Look: Bob Box Braids!

Last year, I fell in love with these bob box braids on Whitney Madueke (above)

Inspired by Cleopatra or the 90s, depending on your point of reference, this is a different, very pretty,ย  retro-chic way to wear box braids.
Natural Hair- Protective Styles- Bob Box Braids

Natural Hair- Protective Styles- Bob Box Braids

ย Natural Hair- Protective Styles- Bob Box Braids

Natural Hair- Protective Styles- Bob Box Braids

The good news is, anybody can look good with this + it’s pretty easy to achieve. I tried getting it done at my braiders’ on Monday, and it was a big big flop, I took it out the next day. After much reflection on the experience and YouTubing, I think I have it figured out, hear hear!

Bob Box Braids: What You Should Know

1. Your braids should not be thin. Medium sized – fat braids are the way to go.

2. The length of your bob should be carefully determined by the shape of your face, for best results. (I love all the pictures in this post, but the first girl’s face is shaped like mine. I could be daring and cut it lower, but I’d begin with cutting it at her length)

3. When preparing your extensions, do not measure them for the exact length you want your braids. This is what spoilt my attempt. Measure them for longer braids, and then cut off when you’re done. Why? Because the thickness is everything, without it, you have no shape, no bob. You know that as you braid hair normally, it tapers down and gets thinner toward the bottom of the braid. The point at which you cut your braid should be just as thick as the point you started- meaning, your bob braids should be uniform in thickness from top to bottom.

4. Seal the ends of your braids. You can burn them individually with a flame from a candle or a lighter. Very 90s I know! After burning, smooth with your fingers. You can also band the end of the braid (with tiny rubberbands) when you get to your desired length, and cut off the rest of the extensions, as Whitney did. See below:

Whitney Madueke- Natural Hair- Protective Styles- Bob Box Braids

5. Don’t sacrifice your hair at the nape! This is a bob right? What about the back of your hair? If you have a very teeny weeny afro, you don’t have to worry about this. For me though, in my awkward length phase, I’d definitely end up chopping off my hair at the back, following this process. For the back, what my hairdressers did (and which makes sense, really) is that they braided the back of my hair up into one zig zag cornrow, for about three lines- and made the rest of the box braids long enough to cover that space. The braids stopped at my neck, and did not expose the cornrow beneath. Got it?

Still not convinced?

Here’s an idea- the next time you get box braids, when you’re ready to loosen them, cut them in a bob shape first and see how you like it.

I was really unhappy with my hair- so upset. So upset that I can’t show you the pictures I took LOL sorry. Let me just put it this way- when done wrong, “bob braids” can have you looking like you’re in A-Levels, or like you’re a certain kind of 40 year old. Make of that what you wish ( ._.) I showed them what I wanted over and over, and they assured me they knew what to do. I was visibly upset after it all so, they offered to redo it for me. My poor fro suffered. All the manipulation! Still not convinced about letting them do it, I decided to get long braids instead. After a few weeks, when I’m tired, I think I will do the cutting myself.

More about box braids soon, but this is all for now.

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What do you think about this look? Have you tried it? Will you be rocking it anytime soon?




Pictures of Whitney Madueke were taken from her Tumblr and YouTube

All other pictures in this post are from Pinterest.


32 Replies to “Get The Look: Bob Box Braids!”

  1. These are some great tips ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve done box braids before but never cut them in a bob. Gonna try a braided bob in a few weeks.

  2. My hair stylist just destroyed the style..she put it in hot it’s no longer bob but straight!!!๐Ÿ˜ข buh want to know if it’ll still turn out bob later or if there is something I could do now to bob it?? hair bender or something…pls reply asap if u can!! Thanks!!

  3. I have Bob box braids right now! And I used rubber bands to seal mine at the ends, I looove the hairstyle! My natural hair is collarbone length, almost past that, and my Bob is shorter than the actual length of my hair. My hair stylist did not cornrow the back of my hair, but she layered my Bob so that the shrinkage of my hair could fit and just enough so it could grow in the braids. I was scared my hair was cut! But nope! I can see it and feel it. So everything worked out. I lobe these braids.

  4. I’m presently rocking the bob style with yarn wraps and it’s really comfortable, no complaints here except the initial pain from doing the wraps. It’s a very chic style.

  5. No No No to this for me, it didn’t look half as good as it did in pictures and the burnt ends kept scratching against the other braids = rough braids, scratched against my neck too, burnt part of my hair off at the back too but Whitney’s looked good in person.

  6. Oooo I want to do this. I think with my face shape a longer bob will be best like the second pic and the black and white one.
    Sorry about the mussed up style AB. E dey pain

  7. This was my Momma’s preggo hairstyle!! Was called shabba bck in the days! Did this soo much with those wooden beads back then. Tried to recreate this last year for NYSC camp with wool but took it down after a week cos of the heat from the wool… Sigh… Defo gonna try this again.. With attachment or mayb kinky attachment?

  8. I think the look is cute. However I had this look many moons ago when I was in 5th grade (yes I know…I was looking too grown lol) and one thing people forget to mention is that you will grow irritated very quickly by the braids brushing against your neck. I guess you can pin some of the back up or wear collared shirts alot. I guess for some this may not be a problem but it’s a good enough reason for me to admire this look from afar lol.

  9. Believe it or not I did this as a child. I even have pictures, then it was just called “Bob”. Things go in and out of fashion. Its beautiful.

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