Struggle Stew

This is a very brief one, something I like to call Struggle Stew.
What’s the point of eating if the food doesn’t taste good? No point, I tell you.
This is a simple spicy 5 minute recipe. I haven’t tried it with rice, but its lovely with fried yam, roasted plantain (boli) or anything you don’t have to have stew with, but you feel like having stew with it anyway. Its not pretty, a little unattractive, but its really yummy, and totally appropriate for yam, plantain, and stuff.

So yes. Struggle Stew.

To make this YOU NEED-
A small pot
2 tablespoons of tomato puree
One quarter of a large onion
Cameroon Pepper
Curry, thyme.
Vegetable oil.

Its made the regular way you make stew, but I’m taking you guys through it anyway.

1. Make sure the pot is dry.
2. Put one cooking spoon of vegetable oil in the pot, and heat it till its fairly hot.
3. Add your chopped onions and let them fry for a bit. (this is struggle stew, you don’t have to bother about chopping em in small bits. The onions are going to be chunky and really obvious)
4. Reduce the heat, and add your tomato puree. Turn it, make sure it doesn’t burn. Let it fry for just a bit, this reduces the raw tang.
5. Add a little water and throw in your spices. As you like. The Cameroon pepper MAKES this stew sha. So make sure you put in enough of that.
6. Let the stew simmer, you could add water to make sure its as light or thick as you want.

Yes. You should be done in 7 minutes tops. It might be a little tangy, but that’s why its just on the side, an accompaniment.

Perfect for days you want a quick grub, and better still, its a one-pot thing. Sharp sharp, no preparation required! Try it sometime!


Happy New Year everyone! Its the 17th already, I know, but I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had the time to put up anything. I hope everyone’s well, and keeping to their new year resolutions, if you made any.

Well, I don’t believe in waiting till January 1 to make any changes, I try to make changes as soon as I deem them necessary. I do have a good feeling about 2012 though, and there are a few memorable things that are going to happen this year. It is the year I graduate from uni and move a little further into the real world, it is the year I turn twenty x_x, and it is also the year of my big chop!

I’ve been considering going natural for about two years, and at first, when I thought about committing myself, actually taking the bold step, I’d think to myself- what if I’m ugly? What if it doesn’t fit me? Well its been a long time, and I have come to the conclusion that I’m going to do this anyway. I am going to nurture my hair in its natural state, rock my stubborn strands as they were created to be. And it will be good, it will be beautiful. Its been about fourteen or fifteen weeks since my last relaxer treatment, and by June or October this year, I should be ready to chop off my relaxed bits, and really start my nappy hair journey.

Or should I say, continue? I’m already on it, and its going to be a fairly significant change. Transitioning is not beans, mayne. I have hard hair. I’ve felt so frustrated between hair-dos, so much that I just want to slather my hair with relaxer and forget about this. I know I’m going to love having a natural mop. But I’ve been taking pictures of my hair over the past few weeks to document the process, and you know, just in case I miss it.

The Order: My hair on 16th November 2011 (more than a month after my last relaxer treatment) – My hair two days ago, after I took out my kinky twists- My hair yesterday.

I put my hair under a weave today- I’m rocking a fringe now. I have a lot of new growth, so its best my hair is covered, until I chop. The contrast between the treated/natural textures, is not pretty!


Love and Happiness,

Future Naturalista


AWESOME!- The Glee Cast cover ‘We Are Young’

‘We Are Young’ is a very awesome song, by a band called ‘Fun’, featuring the very special Janelle Monae. I’m sure they’d be awesome as well, but its been a bit difficult finding more free ‘Fun’ mp3s. I’ve loved this song for months now, and I imagine that if I were drunk, at a ‘Fun’ concert, I would actually weep as I sing along. Haha. Its not that deep (still, I’d cry), but its an awesome song. It makes me shiver, its that special.

Well, well, well, FUN is an alternative band signed to Fueled By Ramen. Be sure to check out their Youtube page (Fueled by Ramen), they have quite a number of great bands under their label. If rock and alternative music is your thing, that is.  Or if you’re inquisitive, or if you just want to sample something new. It wouldn’t hurt, by all means check it out. Good good stuff 🙂

The Glee cast performed ‘We Are Young’ on their most recent episode which aired on the 6th of December (two days ago). Its going to take a while for me to get that, but I just saw the video on Youtube (Thank God for Google and for Youtube!) and it was so beautiful; if I was a little less hood than this, I would tear up a little. It gave me the shivers as well. FUN isn’t a really popular band, and I am positive that most people who are more ‘mainstream’ would look for them, and love them after they see or hear the cover. Yayy FUN! 🙂


You could get the Original version as well as the Glee version at


Peace, Love and Happiness