25 Random Things About Mee: A Birthday Post

I’ve clocked a quarter century!!! You can’t talk to me anyhow anymore oh. Now on my grown woman shii.

Leading up to my 25th birthday, I was not as excited as I usually am about birthdays in general. It was not a sober feeling, just more gratitude than anything else. I aged a lot on the inside right before my 24th birthday and so my 24th year was spent doing a lot of adjusting to this person I had been forced to grow into and reconciling that with who I desire to be. Womanhood is such a gift and if I was not certain before, I know now that if I had to choose, I will always choose to be a woman in this skin. I love it. Like I told AB, it finally feels like I have attained a strong and stable foundation after 25 years and so now, I’m ready to build higher and higher and higher knowing that what I have at the base can take it all.

I was lucky to spend my birthday weekend in New Orleans with my roommate. NOLA has quickly become my favorite place and so now, I would like to make it there at least once a year, since I have been once every year in the last 3 years. I saw that Klassy Kinks did an instagram post with 26 things about her right before her 27th birthday. I thought that was a fun and light post. So here are 25 random things about me:Read More

Pursuit of Perfection

Happy Tuesday, guys!

How is the going going? What have you and your hair been up to? 🙂

I’m still wearing this kinky straight wig. Some people really think it’s my hair lol. At the bank yesterday, someone tapped me and when I turned around, she was like “oh, thank goodness! I thought it was all yours!”

LOL okay lady. What if it was?? What would you have done? 😛

Just kidding. Let’s go off on a bit of a tangent today. Let’s talk about perfection.Read More

DIY Dyeing for Natural Hair

I dyed my hair. Again! I think you can now expect that at least once in the year, I will come to you with some new colour I am trying out. My first experience with bleaching and dyeing was pretty great. Remember when I talked about it here? I went back to my colorist one more time after that and when my bank account began to cry, I determined that there had to be a way to do this for cheaper. And hey! It does not get much cheaper than DIY, innit!Read More

Wet vs Dry Twist Out with Afro Roots Styling Custard


Hey guys! How are you doing?

I’ve been trying out a new line of natural hair products from a Nigerian brand called Afro Roots Naturals. I’ll be sharing my full review soon, but as a prelude to this, let me just share how much I love the Styling Custard! I have had really good twist out results from this Custard, and I feel like they (the results) deserve a whole post on their own so today, let’s talk twist outs.Read More