Protective Styling- Juicy Flat Twists

For 2 weeks, I wore my hair in 8 juicy flat twists. This allowed my scalp breathe very well while being very protective, low-maintenance and of course, cute! Perfect style to wear in this extra extra Lagos sunshine, or anytime really. 

I was inspired by a photo MeeMee shared with me while she was researching natural hair styles for the workplace, see 20 professional styles in this post, HERE. 

Before this, I had worn mini-twists for 3 weeks and I was so irritated because the heat in Lagos had been unbelievable and the itching from the sweat was just too much for coconut oil to handle. Nearly at the end of my rope (seriously guys, I was going crazy), I got some kinky braiding hair and took my ass to the salon.

Now this salon is where my mom goes to get her hair done, where I go to get braids done. It’s just your regular neighbourhood salon, not for natural hair or anything special. I don’t go there often, but after 5 years together lol (oh yes, I did my big chop here) they are used to me. Every time I come in, I show them something different. At first, it was a battle (you know how stylists think they know what you want better than you) – to be honest, it is still a battle but we have made some progress. My experience with hairstyles at this particular salon is hit or miss, but this one was a hit.

I showed them the style and at first, they wanted to weave my hair “didi” style- as in, the inverted cornrows- or do regular cornrows. Cornrows are great but I wasn’t going to just settle for Plan B without even trying. I explained the concept of flat twists to them (like cornrows, only with 2 strands) and after some trial and error, one of the stylists was able to get it. Whoop!

It all came together pretty quickly. Of course, Taibat was no Kemi Lewis but I was very happy with the outcome. My edges were spared, and she started each twist WITHOUT extensions.

Hair Tip: Whether you are doing cornrows or Ghana weaving or anything with extensions, it’s always good to start without extensions, to avoid the extra weight/ pressure on your fragile front hair.

She first added one strand of kinky hair to the flat twist, and finished off with an additional 1 or 2 strands to keep the longer ends of the twist thick. After flat-twisting down to the back of my head, she finished off with a twist. I hope you get the picture?

This was my first time wearing an “all-back” style since cornrows in my first semester of uni and I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. My cheeeeeeks and all my features were out and I was comfortable with that. I didn’t even really wear makeup.

All out
Interestingly, some people at work thought the hair was all mine. L-O-L one day!


I mostly wore them in a low bun, or I let the twists down to my waist.

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Spritzed my scalp and the flat twists with water

Oiled my scalp with Coconut oil or the Special Me Organics Mint Burst butter I reviewed in this post

Satin scarf at night to prevent the hair from getting rough.


I moisturized my edges and brushed them in the mornings with my little “bear-bear” brush.

For a more sleek look, I used Gorilla Snot Gel like twice, to lay my edges down and tied a satin scarf on the journey to work for the laid edges to set.

Not in the baby hair brigade lol but you see these edges are laid!

The Damage? 2700 Naira.

1200 for the pack of braiding hair, 1500 at the Salon (for loosening my mini-twists, washing my hair and doing the flat twists)

So, if you already have braiding hair somewhere, and you have the time to wash your hair yourself, this could cost you 500 Naira only. Pere. Better yet if you can do this yourself, it shouldn’t take you long at all! (Still, my salon decided to wise up on me and tried to charge me more the next time I wanted flat twists! Smh)

Our local salons might know nothing about hair care, but if you can find a stylist willing to stretch herself and be creative, you could teach her something new and save yourself some money. For both your sakes, it’s better to take your experiment to them on a day they aren’t too busy, and also on a day that you’re in a good mood, and not feeling agitated or quarter to frustrated.

Two weeks in. My hair was “rougher” or poofier, more natural looking
What Came Next?

After two weeks, I swapped these flat twists for a sleek low bun for my friend’s wedding. The sleek bun is my staple style for events now and you can achieve it no matter how kinky your hair is. Would you like a sleek bun tutorial? Let me know in the comments!

Have you ever tried wearing flat-twists like this? Would you? I want to know what you think!




38 Replies to “Protective Styling- Juicy Flat Twists”

  1. Hi AB. I love this style. Only that i dont know any salon in my area that does flat twists. Can you tell me where you got it done. I’d appreciate it so much. Thanks.

    1. Hi Tody, thank you.

      The salon is called Sarah’s (that’s what I call it lol) It has no sign outside, and the madam is Aunty Sarah.

      It is on Bola Street, Anthony Village, right beside King Solomon’s Hospital (a popular landmark).

      P.S. Take a picture to them, ask for Taibat, make sure she’s getting it even if requires a few attempts. As I said, my styling with them is hit or miss so, you’d have to be really observant about what they are doing on your head and don’t be shy to call them out if they aren’t doing it right 🙂

  2. I love it. The twists are juicy and beautiful, and it’s great for Lagos heat too. Sign me up. It’ll take some trial and error but I’ll attempt to DIY and see how it goes.
    Yes! to the sleek bun tutorial.

  3. Hi, AB. This style is going to be my regular life-saver soon. Inexpensive, too! What’s the name of the kinky extension you used? Just a pack?
    Oh, the sleek bun tutorial – – Yaas

  4. I haven’t played with my hair since my big chop, I plan on doing so this year hopefully my nearby saloon people don’t give me hedache on styles tho. Thanks for the hairstyle aand tips and yes please do a tutorial let me try and see if my hair is ready for that length styling.

  5. Wow! This is a much better alternative to all back ghana weaving for me, cos that one just looks flat. Do you use the gel on the twists also or just the edges, cos the 2week old twist look very neat.

    I’m raising my hand for the sleek bun tutorial.

    P.s it’s nice that you are encouraging us (natural haired nigerians) to use our neighbourhood people. Most times when i think of the amount of explaining involved, I just sit down and twist my hair myself. But as you said, if they are willing to listen, it’s actually much more convenient and cheaper. I got someone to do knotless braids-well just the front sha cos i crocheted the back (didn’t trust them enough) and it turned out well. Still skeptical about the washing part before somebori will break my head in the name combing.
    #endofmylongstory 😀

    1. Hi Ope! I used the gel on just the edges. I remember when I tried to get them to do the invisible method of kinky/Havana twists for me & they were bent on starting my twists like braids (which I HATE). It’s really just about finding someone with an open mind because you too that learn styles on YouTube, you don’t have 2 heads. Thank you for your long story ☺️😜

    1. Thanks Fran! Yes the gorilla snot holds all day (I scarf it down for 20 minutes to set and it’s fine). I don’t know what you are saying about your shape of head o ( ._.)

  6. Beautiful! I want to try it, but my stylist told me before that my hair is too light for flat twists. I will urge her to give this a shot all the same, I love the look!

    Yes to the sleek bun tutorial! 😀

  7. Beautiful! I want to try it, but my stylist told me before that my hair is too light for flat twists. I will urge her to give this a shot all the same, I love the look!

    Yes to the sleek bun tutorial!:D

  8. OMG!!
    I love this sooooo much! I live around you na abeg, come and take me, this is what I’m doing once I take out these braids. I really love this style!
    Imagine it done swooping, not all back, like all the twists going to one side.

    Can I say again how much I love this?

    1. Thanks Sab! (You live close?) I’ll take you if you promise to not hold me responsible if they don’t do well lol jk whenever you’re ready.

  9. This is gorgeous. My fine, low density hair doesn’t do well with extensions (dries my hair out no matter how much spritzing, creaming, oiling and buttering I do), but I’m definitely tempted to give extensions another go because darn girl, the hair is fine!!! And yes please to the sleek bun tutorial!

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