5-in-1 Review | Afro Roots Naturals (Get 10% Off!)

Afro Roots Naturals Product ReviewHello beautiful people!

I’m super excited to finally tell you guys about Afro Roots Naturals, a new natural hair care line that is affordable, Nigerian (made by a Nigerian- The Naija Formulator, right here in Nigeria), and actually pretty good!!

Let’s get into it!


Afro Roots Naturals ReviewAll 5 products have the same scent, kind of. There’s a base scent that varies with each product but I don’t like the shampoo’s take on it. At first sniff, the Shampoo smells a bit off, but by the end of the wash, the overall scent comes through. You can say it’s not “well mixed” lol I hope this explains it well- but don’t let this put you off! Whether you like the smell of this shampers or not, the smell doesn’t linger.

Afro Roots Naturals Product Review

It is a sulfate free shampoo, but unlike half the sulfate free shampoos out there, it actually lathers really well! If you play yourself and use too much, you’ll be rinsing for a very long time! One squeeze is enough to work up decent suds. It’s also not drying at all. What more do you want in a shampoo?


Afro Roots Naturals Product Review

What do you look out for in a rinse out conditioner? For me? Two things, and then one extra one that not all conditioners do. The two things- Slip (Explained here) and moisture. The extra thing that makes all the difference? Smoothness! The cuticles in our hair shaft open up during the shampoo process, so conditioners are meant to shut these cuticles, to lock the moisture in. When I touch my hair and my strands feel smooth, I know that my cuticles are nice and flat. The last conditioner that really did this for me is this masque here, which I love. The dollar isn’t going back to 1 Naira (coughs) 200 Naira anytime soon, so I’m really happy that this Afro Roots Naturals conditioner has the same effect on my hair strands because it’s cheaper!

After using this conditioner, my hair is soft and smooth. Just, lovely. All is well, and I could actually choose to not use a leave-in conditioner afterwards. A butter is fine, like the Conditioning Butter (below).

It also has good slip. If I have one complaint about this conditioner, it’s the fact that it can be a struggle to get out of the bottle when you’ve used half of it or more.

Afro Roots Naturals Product Review
See the line halfway through the Rinse-Out condish bottle on the left. The result of pressing hard to get product out


Some of this hair thing is psychological. I remember, when I first went natural, I really loved my leave-ins thick. Then, 2 years ago, I tried this super light conditioner (reviewed here) that changed my parade.

I like the consistency of this leave-in. It’s not as light as a hair milk, but its not thick either.

Afro Roots Naturals Product Review

It is moisturizing and easily absorbed by my hair strands. I like that it plays well with other products. I tried it with other stuff (stylers, other moisturisers on day 3) and it did not flake.


The first thing that struck me about this custard was how sweet it smelled! So sweet. It’s now light pink, with a light, fluffy consistency that makes me think of ice cream (something edible, sha).

Afro Roots Naturals Product Review

I used this custard on 2 occasions to style my hair in a twist out- the first time on damp hair fresh from a wash, and the second on dry hair. I really liked the results, especially on dry hair. See my post about that here.

The definition was popping, and both times, my hair was super moisturised! I was so proud! You can use this with the leave-in or any leave-in, but you can save your product and use the custard only, when you are ready to style.

Afro Roots Naturals Product Review


Last but not least is the Conditioning Butter. It has the same base scent as the others, but you can smell the extra shea butter in this one.

Afro Roots Naturals Product Review

The butter is different from regular whipped butters because it has Behentrimonium Chloride and Cetyl Alcohol, moisturizing and softening ingredients often found in conditioners. Though the B-Chloride is the 5th ingredient on the list and the C-Alcohol further down, their impact is still felt.

I used this product to seal my hair after a wash once, and other times, to seal after using the leave-in or styling custard. My favourite use for it is on my ends. I smooth this butter into my ends when I’m styling or just twisting my hair to pin away, and it makes my ends pop with definition. Applying a butter or a heavy oil (like Castor oil) to your ends is a great protective tip. Helps your strands clump together and together, they are stronger to resist split ends, frizz, and pesky knots.

Afro Roots Naturals Product Review

Ingredients & Other General Observations

See, I’m so proud of our Nigerian brands like Afro Roots Naturals. The growth in the industry has been steady! Obvs, I’m really impressed with these products! Because this has been a long review of all 5 products, I haven’t listed the ingredients in each product but, here’s what’s worth noting:

  • All 5 products are free of sulfates, parabens and mineral oil.
  • Everything but the Conditioning Butter is water based, that is, water is the first ingredient.
  • The Shampoo & both Conditioners have vegetable glycerine
  • The Hair Styling Custard is humectant free.

Ooh btw, there is a mischievous typo on the label for the Conditioning Butter that needs to be changed asap (:


African Black Soap Shampoo & Rinse-out Conditioner: 1800 Naira each, for 250ml/ 8.45 oz

Conditioning Butter (120g) & Leave-in Conditioner (250ml): 2000 Naira each

Hair Styling Custard: 2400 Naira

Full Kit: 9700 Naira online (save N300)

Would I Repurchase?


Where to Find

Shop these products online at The Naija Formulator. Get 10% off your order in the next 2 weeks when you use our discount code- KINKANDI

If you’re on Lagos Island, visit 143/145 Broad Street. You probably want to call ahead: 09059543321.

Alright. I’m done. Have you seen these products anywhere? Have you tried them? What do you think? Would you consider trying them because of this review?

Remember, you save 10% when you use our discount code online KINKANDI! This offer is valid till Tuesday 10th October, 2017.




P.S. Shout out to my sweet cousin M for being my hand model for the product texture shots!

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  1. Hi , first time on your site and I’m enjoying your posts. I also have low porosity 4c hair which I discovered like 2 months ago. Almost every product for low porosity hair is so expensive. Anyway I’m in Ghana, is it possible for me to buy the Afro roots natural product here, I’m having a hard time finding an affordable leave in moisturiser for my hair here. I’ve been using hibiscus tea rinse (flower grows in my house ) and deep conditioning and have seen improvement within these 2 months. I just need to solve my moisturising problem. By the way I’m permed but have 3 months undergrowth

  2. Loved reading your review as always. I know it’s a long thing but I wish you’d do like before and write the ingredients list out of each product like you used to for those of us with allergies or preferences against certain ingredients. Also begging some of these Nigerian brands to start putting your ingredients on the website for each product. Biko please!!!

    1. Thanks Mimi! I still like to list ingredients but because this was a very long review of 5 products, I thought adding the ingredients would only make it longer. Thank you so much for reading + giving feebdack 🙂

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