The Right Attitude to Protective Styling

Have you ever reached that point where you just don’t feel like dealing with your hair and so you decide to hide it away either in a style that requires no manipulation or under weaves, braids, or wigs? No? Me neither

Yeah right!

What is it about black women and our need to change styles and to protective style? I’ve found myself on several occasions trying to give an answer to non-black men and women and each time, I have ended at the same place – “na so we like am, abeg.”

Whether it be out of boredom or a desire to hide one’s hair, we have all protective styled and will continue to protective style. Side note: I have met grown women who have never had extensions in their hair and have never worn wigs but they have worn no manipulation hairstyles,  which is also protective styling. But many times, we miss the point of protective styling. It’s right there in the name – a style that protects your hair. Mostly, it protects your ends but is also an opportunity to allow your hair receive maximum benefit of any products you may use to pamper your crown.

So, if you’ve been protective styling simply because you don’t want to have to deal with your hair, my dear, you garra wake up and stay woke!

Do you know how much length you can retain if you protective style the right way? I once met two sisters who run a salon where they offer a service where they help you grow your hair over 6 months through protective styling.  Their client testimony pictures are so impressive. In the past year, I noticed that I regained the most length of the entire year in the last 3 months when I wore wigs consecutively for those 3 months.

So, how do you protective style the right way

Choose the style that works for you

Do you get bored easily? Would you want to feel your real hair at least bi-weekly? Are you an extremely active person (so sweating is an issue)? How much are you willing to spend? What is your personal style? These are some of the major questions that you’ll need to answer to determine what works best for you at any given time. When choosing your hair style, think about your edgeeess! If a style is tugging too hard at your edges or even any part of your hair, take. it. out! No pretty style is worth that pain and loosing hair. If it hurts, take it out.

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Clean and Condition before Protective Styling

I have talked about this previously here. I can’t stress how important it is to protective style on clean and well moisturised hair. This is one way to get good wear out of your style and also to reap the hair benefits that come with protective styling.

Clarify & Replenish moisture

Now, it is not enough to just clean and moisturise before your style. Depending on how long you have the hair in, you cannot neglect your hair underneath. Braid and weave girls! Yes, I’m talking to you. Don’t go around with your extensions looking peng an’ tin and then your hair underneath be dry, crusty, and making all sorts of cracky sounds as if there’s a live wire nestled in there somewhere. No, please. As you care for your extensions, show your hair even more TLC. You’ll be so thankful you did when you take out your extensions and your hair still feels moisturised and shiny even.

So if length retention is part of your 2017 goals, consider trying out protective styling. But remember, everything in moderation.




6 Replies to “The Right Attitude to Protective Styling”

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  2. Love this! I have only tried a long-term protective style once (and it was very recently!) I’d love to get in the habit of doing it with intent, and the goal of retaining length to keep my hair nice and healthy!

  3. Hey, love this article. Please, can you give us types of protective styles? Especially the lady who wants to protective style for 12months. Pictures will be much appreciated too. Thank you

  4. Great article. Retain length through proper wear of protective hair styling. Where is the salon owned by the two sisters located?

    1. Thank you for reading! They’re in the DMV area. Send us an email ( and I’ll give you the instagram handle of one of the sisters so that you can get more information.

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