Perm Rod Set at Mixx Beauty Bar & Hair Lounge

Hey beauts!

Since I went back fully to natural, I have been treated my hair to a salon visit twice (this does not include getting extensions installed or to straighten out). First time was for my big chop. The second, and more recent was to the Mixx Beauty Bar and Hair Lounge, where my hair was smothered with love by Erica Watson.

Why did I finally decide to go to a salon?

To be honest, I was perfectly content with my DIYs, and internet solutions to all my hair problems and what not. When my hair got heat damaged, I suffered a bout of hairpression. It seemed that all the work I had done to keep my hair healthy had gone to waste. During one of my lowest weeks, wise words pointed me in the direction of taking my hair to a hair expert, somebody professional that can help me restore my “hair ego”. I had heard about a couple of very popular natural hair salons in the NYC area, however, and surprisingly so, there seemed to be more bad reviews than good ones. In addition, the prices these salons slapped on various services was alarming! Enter yelp. Of the natural hair salons that came up during my yelp search, Mixx Beauty Bar & Hair Lounge had the best reviews. In fact, I got a little skeptical because there was no bad review. Not even a single hater? C’mon.

photo 1 (6)
Deep Condition


Hair before blow-out and trim


photo 5 (3)
Rod set products


All in!



photo 3 (6)
Drying the rod set
photo 4 (4)
Fluffing out curls








Pretty purple. That’s what the walls scream. Although Erica currently works alone, this salon has a lot of space, and a lot of work space. And Erica? Such a pleasant human being, bless her soul.

My appointment comprised a deep conditioning treatment and a rod set. As she detangled my hair, Erica began asking me important questions about my hair. How do I care for my hair? What are my hair goals? What’s difficult for me? Do you know how nice it is to get asked these questions at a hair salon?! I had never had such an experience and so this was a pleasant surprise. It made me think briefly of how stylists tend to just put their hands in your hair and begin to work based on what they feel in their hands. Meanwhile, there is a history that makes every head of hair different, and thus deserving of a personalized service and not a generic one.

I mentioned earlier that Erica was detangling my hair right? I did not feel a thing! Even when I detangle my hair myself, I am used to the little scalp hurts or tug of war. With Erica, from detangling until the end of my appointment, I felt like my hair was a big ball of fluffy cloud. I have no better words to describe this feeling… you had to have been there.

Price-wise, perhaps my aforementioned experience with the pricing of natural hair services in some of the big name salons already coloured my expectations, but I thought the amount of money I spent was concurrent to the service I received. For a wash, a deep conditioning treatment, a long-overdue trim, and a rod set, I paid $80.

Needless to say, I had a more than pleasant time at the Mixx beauty bar and I walked out smiling, eager to show off my new hair style to anyone who cared to look. Best believe that after that salon visit, my “hair ego” has been fully restored. My rod set lasted 5 days, before I mishandled it by stretching out the curls into puffs. Besides my beautiful rod set result, and my cloud soft hair, I also left Erica’s shop with a “prescription”. She suggested that I buy the Nutrine garlic conditioner and deep condition weekly with that and some olive oil. I tried out this formula during my last wash day this past weekend and I shall be doing a review about this product in the very near future.

Happy Client!



If you like what you have seen and would like to try out Erica for yourself, you can book an appointment here. To read more from Erica, look up her website.

I hope we are all having a lovely start to the week! Until next time, beauts…

– Mee Mee



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      1. I really enjoyed my experience. I paid $100 but included my wash, steam treatment, deep conditioner, flat iron and trim. My stylist was patient with my kinks and the consultation was thorough.

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