Salon Review: Tresses by K.Vera-Cruz

Tresses by Koyin Vera-Cruz Hair Salon Review- The Kink and I

Tresses by K. Vera-Cruz is not a natural hair salon, but it’s definitely a natural hair friendly one. Koyin, the owner, is certified trichologist with healthy texlaxed hair. I was there in January, and this is a recap/review of my experience.

First of all, I must say that salon reviews ALWAYS make me wish I were Kim Kardashian or a Real Housewife or something. It’s distracting for the stylists and kind of stressful for me to stop at every step to record the process myself. My last salon review (ish), was my trip to Tasala HQ for a silk press. My sweet friend W helped out with the pictures in the blog post. I was alone on my trip to Tresses and I almost gave up lol but I did take some photos, and if you follow us on Instagram (@thekinkandi), you probably watched the highlights on Instagram Stories. (Yass go follow, so you don’t miss stuff like that!)


Tresses by Koyin Vera-Cruz is INSIDE Shoppers Delight Supermarket on Adetokunbo Ademola street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Shoppers Delight is an orange building, you can’t miss it. It is pretty close to the Ajose Adeogun Roundabout, and the exit/ turning to Sanusi Fafunwa street. Still don’t get the picture? Use Google Maps for Shoppers Delight. You’d actually have to enter the supermarket to get to the salon upstairs.

Tresses by Koyin Vera-Cruz Hair Salon Review- The Kink and I


The salon is pretty cute. Yellow walls, yellow decor. It is small (not too small) yet well spaced out. There were other people in the salon when I arrived, so I didn’t take wider shots of the whole place. Worth noting? The lighting is poppin from more than 1 angle. Few Nigerian establishments care about decent lighting so this means a lot to me, haha.

P.S. There’s only 1 wash station, so you may want to book ahead.

Tresses by Koyin Vera-Cruz Hair Salon Review- The Kink and I


Koyin is a trichologist, so you can get a proper consultation, if you want or need one. Yes, if your problems persist after Googling, trying so many treatments/products, or listening to your favourite hair blogger or youtuber, please consult a trichologist!

It was my first washday of the year after 3 weeks of inverted cornrows (better known as “didi”) under a wig, so to start the year right, per my 2017 Hair Goals & Resolutions, I opted for a wash, steam and trim.

How did it go?

First of all, they loosened my cornrows and detangled my hair with the help of some water in a spray bottle. This took like an hour. They were very thorough and yet gentle.

Tresses by Koyin Vera-Cruz Hair Salon Review- The Kink and I
Loosening my didi

Then, my hair was washed with a clarifying shampoo. I got an amazing scalp massage in the process. So good!

I chose to try one of their signature treatments. After some deliberation over the many options, I chose the Lavin da Hair treatment because the description said it is for hair growth and length retention (which I am about this year!). I can’t remember exactly what was in the special mix, sorry.

Tresses by Koyin Vera-Cruz Hair Salon Review- The Kink and I
Lavin da Hair, one of the custom deep treatments at Tresses

Some conditioner, herbs, oils, and honey. Good stuff. This was smoothed into my hair and then I sat under the steamer for 30-45 minutes before the treatment was rinsed out.

Tresses by Koyin Vera-Cruz Hair Salon Review- The Kink and I

Plan A was to trim my hair after blowing it out. After my hair was moisturised and sealed, it was time to blowdry and…


I don’t know if anybody else knows this struggle but in all my salon adventures since I went natural, I have only had 2 successful blowouts (as in, hair was stretched out, soft and fluffy). When I did my silk press (don’t know if the silk press products were a factor), and the first time I got my hair done at Nature’s Gentle Touch Hair Institute. I specify the 1st time because the 2nd time, with a different stylist at the Institute was a disaster. Maybe there’s some special technique to it? Maybe.

Apart from those 2 experiences, every time my hair is blow-dried, it resists. EVERY. TIME. Even when I try it myself. It locks up. It isn’t soft and fluffy but dry and crispy instead, and this is what happened during this blow dry attempt.

It would have been a waste of money to have my hair dry out before my eyes, after spending time and money to steam it so I asked the stylist to stop. Koyin came over and directed him to add more leave-in conditioner and heat protectant. This made it a little less dry, but my hair was still drying and being weird, so I decided it was definitely not worth the stress involved. Enter Plan B- a wet trim.

Wet Trim? How This Works

The already blow-dried hair was spritzed with water, and section by section, my damp hair was stretched with a comb and by hand. The stylist cut off the parts that looked thinner at the ends of each section.

The only alarming thing for me in my salon experience was, as he finished each section, he wanted to just leave it like that. Dude. My intention was NOT to fro it, and in the absence of plans to wear your hair in a fro, it is wise to twist the sections as you go, or use a clip or something, not leave it loose to shrink.

I twisted the hair myself sha, as he trimmed, and after it, he made no moves to style it! I know natural girls may be daring lol or weird, but hey, I wasn’t going to walk out of the salon with my twists standing like that! Sigh. So I pinned the twists down with bobby pins as I usually do. See how in this post here.

Tresses by Koyin Vera-Cruz Hair Salon Review- The Kink and I

Final Verdict

Overall, my experience at Tresses was pleasant. They were gentle, took their time, and they were not stingy with their products. Shea Moisture & Darcy Botanicals by the way, not cheap!

I’d rate it 7/10. Holding on to my 3 points because of the blowdrying experience and the non-sectioning/ styling.

Would I go back there? Do I recommend?

Whole heartedly, yes. I wouldn’t blow dry, sha.

The damage?

7,500 Naira. 2000 for the wash, 4000 for the deep conditioning treatment and 1500 for the trim.

Again. Where is Tresses?

Shoppers Delight Supermarket, 58, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. (pretty close to the Ajose Adeogun Roundabout)

Instagram: @tressesbykvc


So. Have you ever been to Tresses? How did you like it? Would you visit?




P.S. Half the photos for this post were on my phone, which was stolen a while ago. Sorry I couldn’t show you more in this post! <3

7 thoughts on “Salon Review: Tresses by K.Vera-Cruz

  1. I hardly blow dry my hair but I’ll share with you the method I do. I don’t get bone straight hair but this is my preference.

    * First, I NEVER blow dry my hair when wet. I always leave it to completely air-dry in about 8 braids. I also make sure my hair is thoroughly detangled.

    * I add all my products to my hair when it’s wet. I don’t add anymore when I’m about to blow dry.

    * I do the tension method till it’s reasonably stretched.

    * After that, I add some hair butter or only Shea butter, apply some heat again and the butter just meeeeellltsss into my hair. I switch to cold air for a few seconds and braid that section once I’m done.

    1. Thanks Ihuoma! I don’t see myself blowdrying at home anytime soon, but I will defs try your method the next time I go to a salon for a blow out. Do the washing & products at home, and go get heat when dry. Thank you so much for sharing! x

  2. Hello AB & MeeMee,
    I have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Bloggers Award because I think your blog is fantastic.
    Click on this link to view and send in your response:

    PS: I do not know why you had to twist your hair all by yourself at the Salon. The guy should have helped out with that and trimming hair is not that a big deal, #1,500 is a really large sum. What happened to saying #800 or even a flat fee of #1,000? Oh well, salons that deal with Natural hair are really dealing with us.

  3. Lol 7 ke? You did your own hair, right in the salon? I don’t know sha but the blowdry fail and non sectioning left a bad taste in my mouth.

  4. I’d really love to hear what the salon has to say about the stylist’s behaviour. Why go to a salon if I’m going to end up doing anything myself?

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