Silk Press on 4C Natural Hair: My TasalaHQ Experience

Silk Press on Natural 4C Hair- TasalaHQ Salon Lagos

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.

That’s me. That’s me o. ME!

Well, my hair. No, I did not relax my hair. I’m still happily team natural 🙂

*flips hair back and forth*

I have been cheating for a minute, though, thanks to the silk press I got at TasalaHQ, a natural hair friendly salon , here in Lagos.

One night, I was twisting my hair and I realized the root cause of my hair challenges lately: my ends were in a HORRIBLE state. And then I had to think… when was my last trim? My last trim was in August 2015. Yikes. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair, so naturally, that they are the most worn out. Raggedy old ends aren’t supposed to be loved and held on to, though. They HAVE to go.

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I had originally planned for this trim & silk press at TasalaHQ in May, in honour of the 4th anniversary of my big chop. Being faced with the reality of my hair at the time, I couldn’t just ignore my ends till May 30. I knew I had to prioritise it, and get the damage out of the way. This post on Mzansi Fro was encouraging but I wasn’t that excited about my appointment, to be honest, so I asked my friend W to come provide moral support 🙂

I’m really glad I got my hair trimmed. Also happy that I finally tried something new (after much too many months of speculation) and that I got to switch up my look in the process as well.

First Things First: What Is a Silk Press?

As defined on Latoya Jones’ blog: “A silk press is a modern day press and curl that gives natural hair the look like it has been relaxed.” says: “The difference with a silk press is that the hair is light, silky, has movement and a healthy shine, and is not weighed down with pressing oils and waxes like the traditional press.”

Simply put, when you Silk Press your natural hair, you have the sleek straightness of a relaxer, without the permanent change to your curl pattern, when done right. As you know, natural hair is ever so eager to go back to its shrunken, curly state, so, smoothing, and anti-humidity products are used on the hair, to postpone reversion.

I think this is really just one of those things that can only be truly defined by their process, so I’ll explain:

The Silk Press Process

1. Takedown

First, Austin (my stylist) loosened my twists. I had less than 40 twists, so this step took about 10 minutes.

Before my Silk Press on 4C Natural Hair- TasalaHQ Salon Lagos

2. Detangle/Shampoo

He applied lots of detangling shampoo to my hair, and detangled it section by section, with a wide tooth comb. Actually saturated my hair with it. I was really surprised by this because, salons tend to be stingy  and well, my hair is a lot!

At the beginning of the Detangling Shampoo step
At the beginning of the Detangling Shampoo step

3. Condition

Shampoo finally rinsed out, he applied what he described as a “Straightening conditioner” to my hair, and then I wore a plastic cap, and sat under the steamer for about 45 minutes. He rinsed the conditioner out afterwards, and applied leave-ins to my hair.

4. The Blow-Out

He twisted my hair up again, say 15-20 big chunky twists. I thought this was going to be the part where he trimmed my hair, but it was just a sectioning step and also, to prevent shrinkage. Btw, the ends of the twists were looking so sad!

See how thin the ends of my Twists are! If this is you, you need to get a trim asap
See how thin the ends of my Twists are! If this is you, you need to get a trim ASAP!

He then took to blowdrying my hair, twisted section by twisted section. He blowdried each section twice. First with a comb attachment, and then, with a different dryer (low heat), and a denman brush. This second go with the brush was TRANSFORMATIVE, yo. My hair turned fluffy when he did that! Major key.

Blown out 4C Natural Hair
Peep da shrinkage!

My hair already had enough body and movement- and at this point I was really considering just trimming the ends after blow drying, and calling it a day.

5. The Press

He straightened my hair with a flat iron, using the Comb Chase Method. I don’t understand people that do “dime size” and I don’t think spreading a drop of product over one’s head is ever enough, especially not in crucial heat treatment as this. Before straightening, he added more heat protectant to EACH section. This really helped to allay my fears!

6. The Trim

After the straightening was done, Zaynab (another stylist) stepped in to do the trimming. My friend W helped me take a picture, and if you can see: the top half is shiny and in the bottom half, the hair looks very… “feathery”. That, my friends, is the sadness and strife of raggedy split ends. I think it’s safe to say 2 inches were taken off.

My straightened hair, before the trim

7. The Curl

Austin came back to curl my whole head with a flat iron.

Silk Press on 4C Natural Hair- TasalaHQ Salon Lagos

Silk Press on 4C Natural Hair- TasalaHQ Salon Lagos

8. Styled!

After this, the curls were then brushed out and styled.

Silk Press on 4C Natural Hair

Silk Press on Natural 4C Hair

Silk Press on Natural 4C Hair
Gone with the wind fabulous!!

All in all, this took 4 hours from start to finish. When we were almost done, Austin asked me if it was too much volume. Haha! I told him there is NO such thing as too much volume. Neauxp. Never!

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My Salon Experience at TasalaHQ 

I really enjoyed getting my hair done at TasalaHQ. Like I’d rate it 5 stars. Maximum customer satisfaction, I had nothing to complain about.

The salon was clean and spacious with lots of natural light. Next time though, I’ll be sure to sit by the window, so I can take advantage of all that light! My stylist Austin was pretty awesome. Loved it. I paid 10,000 Naira for the service- which is not change, but it was definitely worth it.

I appreciate the quality of the products used (that is, the entire Mizani Thermasmooth System as well as products from Design Essentials & a Bio-Silk serum) As I mentioned earlier, my stylist was not stingy with the products. Like I do with my own hair, he made sure every strand got some. He was gentle, and not once did I panic thinking, does this guy know what he’s doing?!

Sure, to get my roots, there were like 4, 5 times when the straightener/ heat hit my scalp, but we are human innit? I wasn’t hurt though, my scalp is perfectly fine 🙂

Can’t forget the volume, the bounciness, the shine, the super softness of my hair! It was not crispy, at all. It also did not smell burnt. I felt amazing, really feeling myself with the retro/vintage vibes, haha. Actually, next time, I should get dressed up 60s style! I had been a little worried that I would not feel like myself afterwards (the last time I had curls like this was in 2011!) but I felt like me.

As I like to say, natural hair is versatile (4C hair theee most versatile!), and getting a silk press is one of the ways to have fun with your hair. Don’t be afraid to go straight if you want to!

Will I Revisit?

I do not plan to overdo this heat thing, of course- and you know I don’t go to salons that often, but I’ll definitely be back at TasalaHQ!

Where to Find

You can visit TasalaHQ at 1, Bank Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.**

It’s better to call ahead, make an appointment! 07063509207

They are open 9am to 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Instagram: tasalahq

Email: info [at] tasalahq [dot] com

** Interestingly, there are 3 buildings claiming to be #1 on Bank Road but the mall/ shopping complex where TasalaHQ is, is the real #1, at the beginning of the street. If you turn off from Forrest Street, that is, the former Old Secretariat Road, the IN gate is just beside the Forte Oil station.

Next week, I’ll tell you guys all about my silk press maintenance & styling in great detail. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it! 

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If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free as always, to ask in the comments. Have you ever silk pressed your hair? Where did you do it? Did you like the outcome? Would you or would you never? 

If you have been to TasalaHQ, please talk about your experience too! You can even leave your review directly, on their page in our Where to Find directory here.




Photo Credit:

Do you ever wish you could be a Kardashian for a moment? When I’m trying to document my hairscapades in photos, I usually wish I had a camera crew with me, haha. The photos in this post were taken by 3 people: Austin (my stylist), my friend W, and my boyfren’. Shalla to them for making this post possible. 🙂

52 Replies to “Silk Press on 4C Natural Hair: My TasalaHQ Experience”

  1. I did my hair this week for the 1st time at Tasala HQ. I had twists and flat twists done. They are a bit on the pricey side but they did my hair nicely. I didn’t feel any pain while my hair was being detangled.

  2. Thank you for giving such a detailed review. I also got a silk press at Tasalahq in March. But as I type this, my hair has still not reverted fully. My curls are noticeably looser than before and the hair is majorly “floppy” now. I’ve washed with regular shampoos and two times with a clarifying shampoo and I don’t think it’ll revert back any more than it has. I’m really interested in hearing if your hair has fully reverted or not. At this point I’m disappointed and wish I didn’t have the silk press. This was my second time having it done (first time was at another salon last year and it reverted within 5days). Anyway. Waiting to hear back about your hair. Thanks.

    1. Hi Bola!

      Thank you for reading 🙂 I’m so sorry about the unwanted changes in your hair.

      It has been 4 months since the press, so I can now fully assess my reversion.

      I suffered some heat damage at the back in the nape area. I did some more reading about silk presses and some sources say you’re not meant to go over the hair more than twice with a flat iron when you press. However, I do remember the stylist going over each section about 4 times, even though it did not smell burnt. A small portion at the back is definitely heat damaged but it’s very small, thankfully. When I tried a twist out, that section did not curl like the rest of my hair, it was just hanging, stretched and limp.

      So sorry to hear about the changes in your hair. Mine is not floppy. Sometimes, when I wash, my curls are curlier- but then again, my curls tend to pop after a mudwash or a super hydrating washday, and they revert to frizzy kinkiness when dry, so the real change for me is the heat damage at the back.

      I don’t regret my silk press, but I doubt I’d be applying heat to my hair soon. I think I’ll do an update post. I hope this response helps 🙂

  3. Quite surprising, I did all my research on the silk press and didn’t stumble on this. I’m on day 6 of my TasalaHQ silk press and loving it. I usually do a straighten at KLNaturals for a yearly trim but I thought my 4 year nappyverssary deserved something more, as I’d only planned to go natural for 3 years. Love the curls! I did a straight with a curl at the end look because of the wrapping to sleep technique, I also want red to keep seeing the length of my hair rather than bunched up curls. For those who are asking about exercise, having your hair up in a loose bun and keeping it up till your head dries, works with only a centimeter (the part closest to your scalp) revering. Subscribing and following now, as we are both around the four year mark and have 4c hair.

    1. Yay! Thanks for the bun tip, Funto & thank you for following and subscribing! We are happy to have you! Happy 4th Nappyversary! 🙂

  4. Yassss! Let me be ratch for a minute. Werkeeeet
    I love it and yes I would! I love their Ig feed, they def know what they’re doing. When I reach my next milestone I’ll get a silk press and whip it upandan

  5. Omg! I just keep falling in love with my 4c thanks to you and meemee. Your hair looks amazeballs and you look a lot like Betty Boop with the big black bouncy curls and red lips. 😍😍

  6. Your hair looks lovely, like a weavon. They did a great job, never knew there was something called “Silk Press”. Lol
    Wish I could have this experience in Port Harcourt.

    Now I know, 1 of the many reasons I love your blog. It’s educative.

  7. Looks very beautiful! My only concern around maintenance would be perspiration. A girl’s gotta exercise; how can it stay straight with all that sweating?

    1. That’s the thing o. You have to choose one. I avoided exercise for the period I wore my hair straight. Had to get my money’s worth lol but I resume my running tonight 🙂

  8. Amazing Results!!! Your hair looks really beautiful! I think the services ( wash, condition, blow dry, iron and trim) as a whole isn’t too pricey… But me I would never come and pay outrageous money for washing and conditioning if I could do it myself to my satisfaction? Maybe if I came there with the intentions of flat ironing I won’t be so bothered. #TeamCheapSkates

    Coily Head of Hair

  9. Gosh your hair looks sooooooo gorgeous! I just booked an appointment with them now. I baaaaaadly need a trim (have not trimmed my hair in a year *covers head in shame*) and I would like to give the silk press a whirl. Excellent review! #excited

  10. Your hair looks so lovely, the curls are so shiny and thick. Thank you for sharing this, I love process especially the step-by-step details that show the beginning and the end. 🙂

    Judging from their IG page, they handle hair beautifully at Tasala HQ

  11. It looks really nice, my only problem is spending that much on hair that won’t last long. Looking forward to seeing how long it lasts on you. Would you advice getting hair color and a silk press on the same day?

    1. Hey Valerie!

      Thank you 🙂

      Longevity of a hairstyle is an important factor.

      I wore my hair straight for 9 days, then I got bored and had to wet it for a twist out. Will write about the maintenance next week.

      Pretty sure that the straightness could have lasted for a total of 2 weeks or maybe even more, but that would be unreasonable for your hair- to go beyond 2 weeks.

      If you regularly blowdry your hair, I was told that for 4 more weeks, you could still have relatively straight hair with your blow-dry, even after you wash, so long as you don’t use a clarifying shampoo.

    1. Thanks Skinnybrownie!
      If it took the stylist 4 hours, I’m pretty sure it’d take me all day because my hand coordination isn’t that great.
      Definitely worth it, in my opinion too. Thank you 🙂

  12. Thanks so much for this very detailed post. Your hair really turned out well. Are you concerned about your hair reverting? I plan to do a silk press at the end of the month to celebrate being 1 year post relaxer. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    1. Thanks for reading, Uzo! 🙂 I wasn’t too worried about my hair (not) reverting, such was the confidence I had in the whole process. I’ve been spritzing the hair this week, and it has pretty much reverted to its kinkyness, for the most part. The salon advised that I need to use a clarifying shampoo when I wash, for the hair to fully revert. Co-washing or using gentle shampoos can hold off full reversion for a total of 6 weeks, or so. Looking forward to your results 🙂


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