Beautiful Natural Hairstyle Inspiration for the Workplace


Congratulations to all the new Nigerian lawyers that will be admitted to the Nigerian Bar in the next 2 weeks! Female lawyers are expected to rock their hair at the Call-to-Bar ceremony in its natural state i.e. no weaves, no extensions. This post is your go-to hairstyle inspiration – whether you’re about to be called to the bar, are in a professional setting that requires your hair to be styled in a formal way or you are just looking for simple, flat, and chic ways to style your natural hair.You know that off-white curly wig that lawyers be sporting? Well, I’ve been told (yes, beauts, I am not a lawyer oh) that for it to sit properly, your hair has to be styled flat enough. Already, that rules out any afro style. In addition, full twist outs, braid outs, or bantu knots may frizz and lose their beauty and definition when you hide them under the wig.

So, you may be, wondering – MeeMee, what else can I do then???

There are lots that you can do still! Here are a few natural hair styles that look chic and are highly functional for a call to bar ceremony and other related reasons.

Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)

Yours is probably the easiest if you spot a teeny weeny afro. Depending on the length of your twa, you can either rock it as is, perhaps with a little part or style it in flat twists or braids and single twists.




Low Buns

Whether sleeked back or braided, low buns are chic, simple and can definitely be dressed up.



Black accessories only, if you do this!





Braided Updos

Many of these updos may work best for the purpose of wearing a wig if your hair is not very dense.














Even if your hair is not very long, you can still rock an updo of twists and braids like AB did 3 years ago at her own Call (photo below) See more details about the style, and more views of it here.

Simple updo for short natural hair
What do we call this?

Two-stranded Twists

Trusty ol’ two stranded twists. You may only ever use these to stretch your hair or style them as a twist-out but you can also wear them as is. Throw in flat twists somewhere at the side or in front and you have a spiced up twist style.








Note that you can replace all the flat twists with cornrows and the two-stranded twists with single braids for an equally chic look.

There you have it! Which of these catch your fancy?

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P.S.: All images were collated from Pinterest.

P.P.S. If you get to Abuja early enough to get your hair done, schedule an appointment with Lumo Naturals or Natmane. Tell them we sent you!

Congratulations again on this amazing feat! Shout out to Leonie who suggested this post to us! Congrats, girl! Send us pictures from your big day! And of course, your smashing hairstyle. :*

Mee Mee


10 Replies to “Beautiful Natural Hairstyle Inspiration for the Workplace”

  1. Hello MeeMee and AB! Thank you for this post. I’m also being called to the Bar!!! *yaaaayyyy*
    Just wanted to mention I’m not sure if braided styles are allowed. During the last law school dinner, a friend of mine did her hair in cornrows – a very simple two-step style. She was asked to loose it before entering. It was absolutely ridiculous but she finally had to tie a scarf to cover it.
    Dunno if anyone else had that experience.

    1. Congratulations Tizzy! Yes, cornrows are allowed, to the best of my knowledge. I wonder why they did that to your friend. The only thing not allowed is extensions- and in my time 3 years ago, they didn’t even let non-muslims wear scarves to law dinner. Ask them what the rationale for all this harassment is. I mean, if your hair is natural, wearing it in an afro is not an option because of the wig. I wore the cornrow and twist updo pictured in this post and I remember that while standing on the line to go in, there was this girl that I didn’t know from Jack, who came to tell me that they would ask me to loosen my hair. Well, I got there and they looked at me for like 30 seconds, but let me in. If you can do a bun or some other hairstyle that shows both your ears, fine. But your natural hair is your natural hair. Let it be neat and nice, and “strong” ya face as you walk in confidently. They won’t try you.

  2. Awwwn…Thank u so much for this post!!! Been patiently waiting for it, and it came right on time! I love all the hairstyles.. Would definitely send my pictures. *kisses to you both, Mee and AB!

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