Guess How Much I Saved in the Sizzelle Clearance Sale!

Sizzelle Clearance Sale

Hey guys!

What have you been up to?

Today, I’m sharing my latest product haul. I hadn’t bought hair products in a while but Sizzelle made me an offer I could not refuse, with their clearance sale. This was totally impulsive buying but you know what? I have no regrets!

Now, y’all know how childish Nigerian businesses can be with their “sales”. Let’s not talk about Jumia’s bad behavior where marking down an item from 5000 Naira to 4500 Naira is their idea of Black Friday. Sheesh! I don’t know if they’ve changed o, because I didn’t even bother checking out their deals from last weekend.

Anyway. Sizzelle Store really wasn’t playing games with the sale.

I saw it, didn’t overthink it, and just went for it. I’m rarely decisive with retail (yes, even with sales) but I guess it was a good thing because the site crashed not so long after.

Before anyone reminds me of these wise words, let me just get them out of the way.

“When you buy something at 75% off for 250 Naira, you haven’t saved 750 Naira, you have spent 250 Naira.”

TRUUUUU. Facts. This is wisdom. I know I would have saved myself money if I did not buy anything, but I did. For me, the sale was an opportunity to restock on a staple product and try new brands that I have been reading about.

So. What did I get? Why did I get it? Was the sale really a sale? I answer these burning questions now.

Sizzelle Store Clearance Sale Haul

L-R: Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Weightless Coconut Water Styling Mousse

I love mousse. I use it to moisturise my mini twists so as to avoid frizz. The styling results are also great, and this pretty perm rod set is proof. I actually ordered the Coconut & Hibiscus mousse (I ran out of my last bottle just last month) but, the Fruit Fusion one was delivered to me. Normally, I’d be ticked off but this is Shea Moisture innit and I think their mousses are substantially the same. If the Fruit Fusion mousse is much different from the Coconut one we reviewed here and here, I’ll be sure to do a new review for you guys 🙂

Sale price: ₦1500

Compare at $10.99 on the official Shea Moisture site = ₦4615.8

Karen’s Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream

I just wanted to try something from KBB. So far, I really do not like the Lavender/Vanilla scent. I actually ordered the Coco/Mango (BECAUSE I am yet to meet a Lavender scented product in this life that I like) but this one was delivered instead. (What’s up, Sizzelle?) Anyway.  I didn’t read reviews before I ordered and so far, the reviews for this product aren’t great but, I’ll let you guys know what I think of it as I use.

Sale price: ₦855

Compare at $16 on Naturally Curly = ₦6720.

Hairveda Creamy Ultra Hydrating Hair Cleansing Rinse

I’ve never tried a cleansing conditioner, so this should be fun! After reading quite a few good reviews about Hairveda, I definitely have high expectations.

Sale price: ₦1050

Compare at $14 on the Hairveda website = ₦5880

Hairveda Whipped Creme Daily Moisturiser Leave-In Conditioner

I’ve started using this one. So far, so good and I really like the way it smells. I’ll save the juice for my review.

Sale price: ₦1050.

Compare at $10 on Hairveda’s website= ₦4200

Ampro Clear Ice Protein Styling Gel

Felicia Leatherwood recommended Ampro gel at the Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Expo last year. I shared 27 other tips I learnt from her in this post. Apparently, the gel is humidity defying. I saw it for about $4 at a beauty supply store back in May, but I chose to get Gorilla Snot gel instead.

Sale price: ₦330

Compare at $4= ₦1260.

So. How Much Did I Save in the Sizzelle Sale?

I spent 4785 + delivery (500)= ₦5285.

How much would I have spent if I had bought this abroad? Not including shipping & taxes = ₦22,675.80

All in all, I saved about 17,390.80.

Not bad, Sizzelle. Not bad! Normally, I’d be salty about my order being mixed up (as a matter of principle) but, it was a good sale, and I guess, these things happen. Plus, I’m really working on my zen these days!

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Okay, guys. Did you buy anything in the Sizzelle Sale? If you did, let me know in the comments! If you blogged about your haul, share a link with me too! If you didn’t, have you bought anything lately? Let me know!




14 Replies to “Guess How Much I Saved in the Sizzelle Clearance Sale!”

  1. Ahhh! Sales! The reason cheapskates like me were put on this planet! I was in the city a few days ago and stumbled upon a good discount at a fave store. By the time I got to the counter, I knew I had to drop more than half my articles cos truth was I didn’t need them urgently!

  2. Was able to buy stuffs during the sale,but not all I ordered for.It ws really an amazing sale,too good to be true.Most of the products I got were skin care products.I hope other online stores would learn from them. Wished I got your products

  3. i was happy when i saw the sale but they just where really disorganized because they also told me that the products i ordered were out of stock. i was so angry ehh because i had put my mind into the sale but all well and good. i ordered the large aphogee two minute keratin reconstructor but they told me it was out of stock i now had to buy the smaller one for #3000.

  4. I stumbled upon the sale when they just started. I got 3 bottles of Kurlee Belle thirsty curls leave-in at 1400 naira each compared to the $12 or so on the Kurlee Belle website. Not to mention they’re almost always out of stock at Kurlee Belle. That leave in is awesome. No harsh scents, melts into my hair..

    1. Nicely done!! I have never tried anything from Kurlee Belle, but I’m open to trying this now, with your review. Thanks for sharing, Tehillah!

  5. I didn’t buy anything during the sale. 🙁 It looks like you got a pretty decent haul. It seems like there were many mix ups. That’s too bad. Maybe they were overwhelmed with the traffic.

    I hope you do a review of the ampro gel. I know someone that uses the brown version of the gel and it keeps her twists frizz free for a while.

  6. Our experiences with the sale are quite similar. I was really excited about it and got in on it early. I ordered quite the haul, and I’m pretty much happy with what I got. But! I didn’t go all excitedly raving about it after my products were delivered to me like I’d originally wanted to because, one product I badly wanted to try was not delivered (when I called they said they were out of stock and would refund but I just let it go because I didn’t think the stress was worth the sale price I paid compared to my entire order) and two of the products delivered to me were different from what I ordered (but turned out to be what I’d originally wanted but had been declared out of stock on their site! Confusing but yay?!). So while I’m super happy I saved a ton of money and won’t be needing to buy hair products for at least the next 5 months (LOL), I feel they were just a tad disorganized and overwhelmed. Still, for emphasis, I’m happy with my haul!

  7. I got into the sales spirit a bit late because I was wary @ 1st, but then I kept seeing posts about it and the roaring pj in me kept haunting me to just go for it so I finally did! I went through all the products (yes I was thorough lol) and wound up with 4 products in my cart – 3 entirely new products (Shea moisture conditioner, L’Oréal Nature’s Therapy Mega moisture dc, & the Cantu Shea Butter Cowash) and one staple of mine, the Taliah Waajid Mist Bodifier. Unfortunately both the Taliah Waajid & Shea Moisture products suddenly showed “out of stock” in my cart before I could pay 🙁 real bummer. I paid for the other two & waited eagerly particularly for the co-wash! I’m a natural braids girl so I’m newly trying co-washing my braids between shampoos. In fact I would love to hear your suggestions on products I could try :D. Anyway they only delivered the L’Oréal product & said the Cantu Co-wash was out of stock by the time they were shipping, which seemed a bit disorganised to me. I discovered later that the website also crashed after a dew days. Anyway I asked for a refund which I still haven’t received but I guess they’re still trying to sort stuff out. All in all, it was an okay experience even though I only ended up with one product 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing with me, Sara!

      For co-washing, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration is a really good moisturising conditioner. People love V05 conditioners but for me, they aren’t THAT great so you might still want to try V05 at the price point.

      I actually ordered Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In but when I called and they said it was out of stock, they substituted it with the Hairveda Leave-In and I paid the difference.

      A bit disorganized indeed, but with such great deals one really couldn’t complain too much 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot for your feedback! I’ll definitely be trying the Herbal Essences conditioner 😁. I tried one Vo5 shampoo for the price attraction once and let’s just say I ran back to my Keracare hydrating detangling shampoo as fast as i could, so no bueno lol. Great tip on the swap too, i’ ll probably just do that as well to save myself the trouble, thanks again!

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