How-To: Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on 4C Natural Hair

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial-47

The sleek bun is one of my favourite styles. It’s simple, cheap and can really elevate your look. For a little more pizzazz lol give yourself a ponytail or a bigger bun, and you’re ready to slay! I show you how in this picture tutorial. Check it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

Most days, I let my kinky, cottony, 4C natural hair do what it does- edges fuzzy, styles frizzy- I love it like this. However, on days when I want something extra special, I go for the sleek bun. Why? The results are ALWAYS predictable. Honestly. You know how fickle twist-outs can be, especially in this our humid Nigerian weather. Save yourself the heart break next time, and opt for a sleek bun instead. Also, you don’t need any fancy styling products to get this look. Got gel? You’re good. If your hair is less thick, and maybe more silky, you may not even need gel.

So, what do you need?

  • Moisturised hair
  • Hair gel
  • Brush
  • Bands (Rubber band oh, hair band oh, ribbon maybe)
  • Scarf
  • Kinky braiding hair (optional)


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1.ย Prep your hair- loosen, dampen, moisturise

Most styling tutorials would say, start on clean, damp, moisturised hair. For this one, though, your hair doesn’t have to be freshly washed. Because I’m not a fan of gel, I actually prefer to do this on hair that’s a week or two old, and like a minute away from washday. Can’t wash my hair and THEN put gel in it, nope. So, clean or dirty, you can do this.

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial

You do need your hair to be damp, sha. And moisturised. On dry hair, gel is probably going to flake and look weird. It also helps that your hair is at least fairly detangled.

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial

For this style, I sprinkled my hair with water in the shower, spritzed with the Kui Care Hair Mist and applied the last of my Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Leave-In. I’ll review these products before the year ends, so help me God!

2. Part your hair as you like, and add gel!

Are you a centre parting girl or you favor a side part? Whatever your flavour, get to parting your hair! For mine, I used a bobby pin to part because I couldn’t find my afro pick.

Now that your hair is parted, smooth gel into your hair to lay it down. If your hair isn’t very dense, or if it’s more silky than cottony, you might find that you don’t need a lot of gel. My hair is dense + not silky lol so I packed on the gel till I was satisfied. For this look, I used Gorilla Snot Gel (review here). I feel like traditional hair gel (say, Ecostyler, Ampro, Soulmate sef) is a little bit more effective, but the Gorilla Snot did the job, too.

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial
Gorilla Snot Gel

You can use your hands, but for me, using a brush (Curl Detangling Brush, sold here) really helped me with getting the gel in, and stretching the hair somewhat.

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial

3. Pull your hair all the way back.

At this point, you can change your mind and detour to a sleek puff by pulling your hair up instead of back. As the spirit leads, sis. I wanted a bun, so I pulled my hair back, towards my nape. PULL might sound aggressive, but please it shouldn’t hurt you oh. I mean you should just firmly pack the hair to the back.

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial
Pulling the two ends of the ribbon
Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial

I used a ribbon to do this at first, but ended up using a hair band instead. When you put your hair band or rubber bands to secure the bun, go round twice and tuck in the ends of the bun. If your hair is shrunken or not very long, it would look like a bunny tail like mine.

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial
Slightly puffy and not so very sleek at this point. This is the bunny tail sha.


4. Scarf it down

This is the main-the-main.ย  Scarf your hair down. Sometimes, if I feel like giving myself a headache, I use 2 scarves;ย 1 secured at the back and 1 in front lol. One scarf is fine, though. I used just one for this look. This is how I tied it.

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial
Nkechi! LOL

Before you scarf the hair down, you want to brush your edges. If the edges aren’t facing a particular direction, and they’re just there, scarfing it will make it look weird, because all the fuzz will just be pressed down flat. I brush my edges up with a soft bear-bear brush (the kind you could use to polish shoes).

You can choose to wear the scarf overnight, or scarf right before you leave the house, and wear the scarf till you get to your destination. However, my ears are super sensitive and I’m not about that long scarf-time, at all. I scarf for 20 to 30 minutes. Do this, and your sleek bun is good to go. Whoop!

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial
Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial
You can take the bun even lower if you want. I knew I wanted a ponytail so I didn’t want to go all the way down.

Now that we have our sleek bun laid, you are actually good to go. But, we are looking for something special right? Let’s take it up a notch with a faux ponytail, or an even bigger bun!

Sleek Bun with Faux Ponytail/ Big Bun

5. Get some braiding hairย 

Kinky braiding hair is a blessing to us kinky girls, I so much love it. LOL. You don’t need anything fancy. 700 Naira Noble Afro Kinky Braid is alright. I reused braiding hair that I had from a hair style that I cannot remember. I took a portion of it (say, half a pack) and fluffed it a bit with my fingers.

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial
Fold it into two. See my band ready

6. Fold your braiding hair in two

So, fold your braiding hair in two. You can tie a ribbon round the middle, or use a band to hold it down the middle. A single hair band is fine, but if you’re going to use rubber bands, make sure you have at least 2, so your “handle” doesn’t snap. Either way, you should have a loop, or two strings holding the hair. With bands, it should look like this:

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial
See the loop/ handle? Like this.

7. Now, attach the braiding hair to your little bunny tail.

If you’re using a ribbon, you would tie the hair round the bunny tail. With bands, wrap the bunny tail round with the braiding hair loop, twice. When you’re done, it might look like this here:

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial

Move your rubber band around, so that the hair is on top now, and can cover your bunny tail.

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial

8. That’s it, that’s your ponytail!

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial
don’t forget to brush your nape, hehe

If you don’t have braiding hair, but you have a kinky-curly wig that’s close enough to your hair type, Natural Girl on a Budget has this helpful quick tutorial HERE. You can use a wig for your ponytail, instead of braiding hair.

9. Ponytail to Bun

If you feel like wearing a bun instead, just wrap your ponytail around the anchor point (bunny tail) and tuck it in.

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial
A little big here, but you get the point ๐Ÿ™‚
Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial
I think the word for this style is “stately”.

When I wear a bun, I like to compress the size of it somewhat, so it looks kind of realistic.

10. Go forth and slay.

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial

Sleek Bun + Faux Ponytail on Natural Hair Tutorial

That’s all, guys. It really is this simple!


At night, all you have to do is detach your faux ponytail and scarf your hair down again. That’s all.

I hope you enjoyed this long ass tutorial. I will consider making videos when I figure out my lighting, and how to minimise noise indoors. If you want to gift me with a mic or a ring light, I’ll happily provide my address!ย ^__^

Okay, guys. Let me know if you would try this. Do you have any questions? Did I explain well enough? If you’re already a pro at the sleek bun and faux ponytail, do you have any more tips to share? Let’s talk about it in the comments!ย 

Also, sharing is caring. Share this super easy tutorial with your girls! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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P.S. The pictures are dark because there wasn’t enough natural light as it started raining when I was ready to get dressed, there was no light + the inverter died, and not having light is not a valid excuseย for not doingย something in Nigeria ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Thanks for this post!
    And to think I was toying with the idea of cutting my hair ๐Ÿ˜ข…

    Now I’ve gotten some ways of slaying my mane!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  2. You look beautiful and the style suits you.. I tried similar steps for my halo crown braids and it worked out, however the gel I used didn’t have much hold so the style didn’t last long.

  3. You look REALLY pretty in those pictures BTW.
    You slay this style all the time

    Ab for President!!! ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“

  4. Hi, Ab. The dragger from Twitter here.

    You put this up already, thainkz alot. I usually scale through to the point where I need to part the hair… The issue is laying down my hair to go all the way, staying in place, till I can get ALL of it to the nape.
    There’s that one bit that doesn’t reach, and my hair is actually long enough. I’m very sure!! Maybe that brushing part is what I need to do well.

    And I hate hair gel. Heaven knows.
    Thanks, though. This is here for whenever I feel like being a baby gyal.

    1. LOL thank you! This post actually happened because of you x_x
      For the bit that’s not long enough, you can use a bobby pin before you scarf it down.

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