How Do You Stretch Your Hair? Take the Poll!

Shrinkage! #NaturalHair
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Shrinkage is a natural feature of kinky-curly-coily hair, but with shrinkage usually comes more knots and tangles than we’d like.

As my hair started inching out of the TWA stage, it became really important to stretch after a wash.

What’s your favourite method of stretching your natural hair after a wash? You can choose multiple answers if you favour more than one! Please answer the poll, and you could tell us why your fave is your fave in the comments!

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12 Replies to “How Do You Stretch Your Hair? Take the Poll!”

  1. With about 4.5 inches of hair, It’s banding all the way!!! it’s just so super easy and fast and also saves me all that dryness I get from blow-drying. My hair just doesn’t agree with a blow dryer… or maybe It’s just me. I’d be glad if you could make a post on some blow-drying tips.

  2. well because my hair is at its awkward stage in terms of length (1 yr naturalista), i cant do anything chunky, and i don’t have the patience for small twists or bantu knots all the time. I just blow dry or let the hair be. Great blog! pls stop by mine! Thanks babe.

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