Styling Solutions for Fine, Thin Natural Hair


You know when you have spent months, even years, imagining the dense, thick look your natural hair will have the moment you finally try one of the hairstyles floating around on youtube and instagram but then you realize for the first time that you have more scalp than you do hair! Trust me, I know that realisation first hand. Well, it’s not the end of the hair world for you. Here are volumising hair styles that you can rock and enjoy if you have fine, thin natural hair.

1. Bantu Knot-outs

Natural hair- Natural hairstyles- Styling fine/ thin natural hairI have rocked this look a couple of times and it has fooled even me. There are two methods I know that can be used for bantu-knot outs. One is where you roll the hair tight between your fingers and then continue into the bantu knot. The other is where you start off with a twist and then roll the twist into a bantu knot. One reason why this is number one on my list is that unlike the other styles I will mention, you don’t necessarily have to separate the curls you get in order to achieve a volumised look. The style in itself automatically does that for you, and so more often than not, you could separate the curls a little bit and then fluff the roots with an afro pick and you are good to go.


2. Flat Twist-Outs

I am yet to try this out. However, while I have no personal testimony, I have seen the results on other people with similar hair. It looks great. The sort of results I like best are those where the end of the twist are either put in bantu knots or curled with perm rods. This video tutorial gives you a visual of what I mean.


3. Rod Sets

Perm Rod sets for volume- Natural hair- Natural hairstyles- Styling fine/ thin natural hair

If you can tell already, there is a pattern here. Most of the styles that create the illusion of volume for this hair type are styles where the hair is curled upon itself. So these are not styles that stretch the hair and show off length. Personally, I will take volume over length any day.

4. Braid-outs & Twist-outs

Natural hair- Natural hairstyles- Styling fine/ thin natural hair

Sometimes, you want to show off your length and say “to hell with scalpiness (or lack of body)”. I say go for it. But always always remember to separate your curls, carefully. Separating them will create that desired volumising effect.


5. Loose Twists

For those with longer hair, you might want to give this a try. The rationale behind this is that the twists should be loose enough not to make your hair look scanty, thereby giving more body to each twist and indeed, to the entire head of hair.

6. Pompadours & Buns

Also for sisters with longer hair. Stretching by threading has been reported to be a great way to add volume to hair while also keeping it stretched. So your hair is stretched and you are looking for how to style and create that volume illusion? Go for a pompadour. Go for a bun.

If All Else Fails, You Can Rely On:

1. Trusty Ol’ Shrunken Fro

Yup. Like I mentioned earlier, the longer the hair, the more apparent the texture/density. I find that I can always find solace in the loving arms of my shrunken fro (or even a combed out, or no-comb fro). You can wear it as a glorious halo above your head; pin up one side; as a fro-hawk; or even as an afro puff.

Shrunken Fro- Natural hair- Natural hairstyles- Styling fine/ thin natural hair


So there you have it. Do you have fine and/or thin hair? What are your go-to styles? Any tips are welcome!

Love all that is you today and always!

– Mee Mee


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  1. OMG! I’ve finally found my people: women who can relate to the more scalp than hair challenge. Thank you, God! Seriously.—— I have not had a relaxer since May of 2014. I looooove not slaughtering my fine, thin hair with chemicals after 25 plus years of doing so, but I have yet to find a style that works for my face type and my super fine, super soft, super thin hair. Thank you, Mee Mee, for the article, and thank you, my sisters, for the comments. You’ve given me ideas and comraderie. Maybe there is hope after all. 🙂

  2. This was written for me! I too have extremely fine 4C hair, low porosity and density. It seems to grow in length but not at all in volume. On top of that, I have an M hairline which can make me look like I’m balding at the edges. When I put my hand through my hair when it’s stretched out, it’s airy and light through my fingers. Now that my hair is about six inches stretched out, I put in twists for the first time and I’m…liking them. Yes my hair is fine and my scalp is visible in most part but I have to love the way I was made. I use volumizing shampoo and conditioner which I find helps a bit.

  3. I totally love this post!. I have fine hair too so i have always had it braided or in weaves because i dint like having it out. However, recently i learned how to do Bantu knot outs and it is all i have been doing ever since i let my hair out. but thanks to this post, i cant wait to try out other styles too…. lovely work!

  4. I have fine thin hair too. When my hair was relaxed It used to lie flat on my head like I had low cut. Now mini twists are my go to. They used to come out terrible and scalpy till I discovered a YouTube tutorial by 007newnew called’ How to do two strand twists on short to medium length natural hair’. Totally changed the way they look and everyone loves them. You guys should definitely look for it and try it out. Hope it works for you too!

  5. Great post! I feel you! I have fine hair too though with medium density. You might not believe it (from my pics) but I know to avoid styles that make my hair look scanty. I don’t make precise parts, I love loose twists, shrinkage is my friend, I don’t bother with smooth roots when I do any curly sets and I don’t bun too tight…oh and embracing the frizziness of older sets.

  6. I also have very fine and thin hair. I used to be really sad about this because I envied those with thick and full hair. With length, I began to love my hair. I always have loose twists on the night before and then, them into a roll tuck and pin style. Those are my go to styles. I have never tried the rod sets or flexi rods because humidity takes away everything and I get a TWA at the end of the day.. Any suggestions for me?!! How can someone achieve a twist out in this country without all the frizz or just a little bit of frizz

  7. I have fine, low density 4c natural hair that is APL and I agree that mini twists are not a great style on our kind of hair. But to be honest, my hair doesn’t like “out” styles (braid out/twist out) either… Or rather maybe I don’t like those styles on my hair because they look thin and like “girl comb your hair or something” rather than “sistah I love your fro.” Loose twists work well when I have the patience to do them but my go to is chunky flat twisted styles- either 2 all-back flat twists to wear all week or a bun or a tucked puff are the styles are usually go to to create the illusion of full hair.

  8. I really like this post! I have fine hair and I can all too well relate to everything you said in the beginning of this post. In my relaxed days no matter how much growth I though I had it still looked like my hair was struggling. Once I went natural I was quickly reminded (over months and months of underwhelming twist-outs) that my hair is fine. I now stick with wash-n go’s. I didn’t think a girl with 4c hair could do it but I sho’ have been. That’s what I stick with. I still notice my fine hair but I also notice my curls alot more which makes having fine hair cool for me. Plus fine hair means I don’t have to use nearly as much product as other naturals with thicker hair…woop woop!

  9. I swear this post came at the right time for me. I’m currently transitioning – about ten months post and I was thinking of mini twists to hold me over for exams. In my head I knew my fine hair just won’t cut it but my heart saw this other girl’s fine-a** twists and got major envy.
    Hmmm… I just might still go for it. YOLO!

  10. I laughed sooo hard reading your post. I feel you on the fine hair. I don’t leave my hair out oh…. When it’s not in some protective style, and it’s ‘resting. I simply ‘Ba’ (Yoruba for calabar) and put a wig on.

  11. I have fine hair too and I don’t normally wear it out (because I never know what to do with it), but when I do I use curlformers. Im bad at styling my hair and those always give me nice curls.

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