Styling Solutions for Fine, Thin Natural Hair


You know when you have spent months, even years, imagining the dense, thick look your natural hair will have the moment you finally try one of the hairstyles floating around on youtube and instagram but then you realize for the first time that you have more scalp than you do hair! Trust me, I know that realisation first hand. Well, it’s not the end of the hair world for you. Here are volumising hair styles that you can rock and enjoy if you have fine, thin natural hair.
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How to: Two Faux Buns (Minnie Mouse Puff Puffs)


I recently discovered how easy and chic these faux buns (aka minnie mouse puff puffs) are and must share with you! The first time I tried out this style, it was a way for me to style my old, heat straightened and coloured hair – you know that in-between phase where the hair is no longer bone straight, but not completely coily? The tutorial below was done on washed and stretched hair (stretched with chunky twists). Continue reading “How to: Two Faux Buns (Minnie Mouse Puff Puffs)”