Curls Popping! My (Short-lived) Second Perm Rod Set


Hello loverssssss!

How is the going going?

If you follow us on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter (wait, why aren’t you following us?! JK, social media links are at the bottom) SO. As I was saying. If you follow us, you kind of know what we have been up to, what I did with my hair this weekend.

I wanted curls, so I thought I’d get a perm rod set that would last me all week. It did not last all week, but it lasted me long enough to go to church, and go on my date thereafter. Good enough for me. 🙂

It’s really not a long story. Continue reading “Curls Popping! My (Short-lived) Second Perm Rod Set”

A Picture Tutorial- Crochet Braids with Kinky Extensions

Hey guys!

Twice on the blog, I have said that crochet braiding is super easy. To prove it, here’s this picture tutorial showing you how.

It was a bit of a battle making this sha so I hope you get it 🙂 Camera quality, lighting and the fact that I was trying to capture working with black extensions and a black bobby pin on dark hair but I think I succeeded. I did 3 different shoots for this on 3 different days, and this was the best day, so I hope it’s a good enough illustration.

These photos were taken by my brother.  🙂


Extensions- 2 packs of Noble Afro Kinky (or was it Afro Twist?) Braid. Same ones you can use to do kinky twists.

Big bobby pin. <- you can use a small pin, but it’s stressful. Continue reading “A Picture Tutorial- Crochet Braids with Kinky Extensions”

Crochet Braids Again

Hellurrrr guys!

Just a quick hair update. I’m wearing crochet braids again. This time, I used 2 packs of Noble Afro Kinky (or was it Afro Twist?) Braid. The hair cost me 750 naira a pack at Marian Market.

My ever helpful roommate F did my cornrows and I attached the hair myself, with the aid of a big bobby pin. It took me 3 episodes of Once Upon A Time,that is, about 2 hours to do my crochet braiding. Continue reading “Crochet Braids Again”