12 Protective Styles in 12 Months

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Beauts! I hope you are all having an amazing and optimistic start to the year. Do you have any hair goals this year? If one of your hair goals is to retain length, then protective styling is something you should consider. I have put together 12 protective style ideas for each month of the year that you can try out. These are the styles I wore through 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed.  Continue reading “12 Protective Styles in 12 Months”

Last Minute Hair Gifts for the Woman in your Life

hair gift guide

Where my last minute shoppers at! Don’t feel bad, I’m in the same boat as you this year. You know what’s worse than shopping late for gifts? Not even knowing what it is that you want to get for the people in your life! You can breathe now, though, and before you go the easy way out and give money as a gift, if there are any women in your life… of all ages, this guide will help you narrow down a hair gift for them, especially if they are hair lovers or currently clueless but curious about hair. Continue reading “Last Minute Hair Gifts for the Woman in your Life”

Product Review: Pantene Gold Series Collection



Pantene is not a new name in the hair product market. However, when it comes to playing in the league of natural hair friendly and natural hair targeted products, Pantene is starting to make impressive strides. Before being introduced to the new Pantene Gold series collection formulated for black hair, I had no idea that they had entered the natural hair market. They have a Truly Natural line that I am yet to try but this is not what we are here to talk about. I have spent the last 2 months using only products from the Pantene gold series collection and now I am ready to talk about it. Continue reading “Product Review: Pantene Gold Series Collection”