6 Dos for Making A DIY Wig



A long time ago, I gave up on wearing weaves. But because I like the ease of extensions and I am hooked on protective styling, wigs have my heart. As wigs are essentially “weaves” (wefted hair) sewn or glued on to a cap, you don’t have to wait to find a store bought wig that catches your eye. You can turn any wefted hair that you love into a wig all on your own. The following are lessons that I have learnt that will help your DIY wig making go easier and produce a brilliant end result. Continue reading “6 Dos for Making A DIY Wig”

How To Prep Hair Extensions



Hair extensions are a popular choice for protective styling. One complain though that I’ve had and heard from other girls is the itching (scalp and other parts of he body touched by the extension) that comes with them. This may not be common for every girl but it certainly is a thing. If this is something you experience, fear not! A solution exists! It all lies in prepping your hair extension before installing them. Continue reading “How To Prep Hair Extensions”

How I Successfully Blend My Natural Hair With Nazuri Curls Kinky Extensions

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Nazuri Curls Kinky Extensions with my 4C Natural Hair

As you know, I recently took down my sew-in weave with Nazuri Curls extensions. This last time, I didn’t actually wear the weave to “switch up my look”. That’s one of the things I like about extensions, though. Currently eyeing a purple and grey wig on Shop Zlanche, but where will I wear it to? Christmas is coming, maybe I should look foreign for Christmas? JK JK. Seriously though. As soon as I can get my makeup skills to match such exotic hair, I’ll be good to go. Lagos get ready! Def can’t wear it to work, so- weekends. Anyway, back to the post.

I was saying that I didn’t put on my Nazuri Curls to look different this time. I was effectively protective styling, but in a manner pretty close to my own hair- so close that I really didn’t know what to answer when people asked “Is this your hair?” “This really can’t be your natural hair right?” It was like people were convinced it was so natural, but they didn’t want to believe because of how thick or full it looked. I always wanted to add “but my hair is pretty close to this!” after I smiled and said no. Because people gotta know that African hair can flourish and prosper.

My 4C Natural Hair and Nazuri Curls Kinky Hair Extensions


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Plan A: sacrifice a West African twin chameleon (amongst other things) to TY Bello, the Chief Priestess of the blending gods. If you don’t know where to find a chameleon or TY Bello, then listen to Plan B! 😛 Continue reading “How I Successfully Blend My Natural Hair With Nazuri Curls Kinky Extensions”