Product Review: Pantene Gold Series Collection



Pantene is not a new name in the hair product market. However, when it comes to playing in the league of natural hair friendly and natural hair targeted products, Pantene is starting to make impressive strides. Before being introduced to the new Pantene Gold series collection formulated for black hair, I had no idea that they had entered the natural hair market. They have a Truly Natural line that I am yet to try but this is not what we are here to talk about. I have spent the last 2 months using only products from the Pantene gold series collection and now I am ready to talk about it. Continue reading “Product Review: Pantene Gold Series Collection”

Is Water Only Hair Washing For You?

Source: Minimalist Beauty. These curls follow a Water Only regimen.

Girl, that’s what I said.

A hair regimen that needs Water ONLY. As in, water only.

I first heard about the Water Only Washing method two years ago, and I was skeptical. Like how? Isn’t that just rinsing? What about hygral fatigue? Won’t this mean more breakage? More tangles? Haba now. Be serious.

But you know what they say. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. I haven’t tried Water Only Washing yet, but I eventually got over my shock and researched it. And surprise, surprise, it does make sense!

I’ve watched videos, read blogs, and threads in forums. I’ve also spoken to the two people I know that have tried, and actually like this method: Our Hairspiration, Glory  and Stacey (of Yoga With Stacey) Continue reading “Is Water Only Hair Washing For You?”

Salon Stories: Perfect Picture

Salon stories

“Abeg oh, do better hair for me. Not the one that you will nod now and miss the point on my head.”

She looked at her friend as she spoke and they burst out laughing as if she had said something funny and I had really missed the point of it. I smiled at the picture of the pretty woman on her phone wearing long curly brazilian weavon. I have never understood when customers get angry because their hair does not look like the hair in the picture that they show me. They will bring a picture showing me either the side of the hair or the front of the hair and expect me to formulate a twin of the look. I always chuckle at their naivete. Like now. Look at this picture for example, this is a pretty woman with a slim, long face and big, round eyes. The chubby-faced, chinko looking woman on my chair now expects me to make her look like this woman? I am not a magician. What these customers don’t know is that what they like in those pictures is the entire look that their hair style gives the picture. But I am not a magician. I cannot even do make-up. If I could, trust me, I would. It makes me light up from deep inside when customers leave my chair looking beautiful and knowing it. It’s a pity, though, many of them, especially these ones that come with pictures, are always so carried away by the woman in the picture that they fail to see how beautiful the work I have done looks for them. Continue reading “Salon Stories: Perfect Picture”